Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinetry can make or break the design of a kitchen. Since they are the first thing you’ll notice when you enter the room it’s important for them to be in a style and color that you absolutely love. If it’s time to give your cabinets a facelift on a small budget than you should consider painting them. This method is also ideal if you are renting a property.

How to Choose the Right Color

Selecting a color to drench your cabinets can be an overwhelming process especially if you are not sure what direction you want to go in. Also, there are a plethora of hues you can choose from. Before you make any color decision; you should take a look at the space you’re working with and see what other colors are dominant within the kitchen. You can get inspiration from your backsplash, floors and the walls. You can choose a color that harmonizes well with the colors you’re already using or if you’re bold you can select something that contrasts a bit with the design scheme.

Many homeowners choose to keep they’re cabinetry color neutral because it’s easy. Consider grey or beige if you desire something that is a bit more subdued. Yes, gray, white and beige work well with kitchen spaces that uses colors like yellow, green and blue.

What if your kitchen is already neutral? Well, the cabinetry is a great place to start to spice things up. If you want to go bold you can paint your cabinets a vibrant hue like red, yellow, lime green or even orange. Colors like mint green, sky blue and emerald pops in all white kitchen. For a sophisticated look, steer towards navy blue, dark gray, hunter green or burgundy.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of cabinets in your kitchen than you may be hesitant to paint them all one color. What’s the solution? Why not do something unique and paint the upper cabinets a light color and go darker on the bottom. Or if you love an ombre look than you can stick to one hue and use various shades of the color on each cabinet.

This is a big decision. Don’t be in a rush to pick out a color. Be sure you take your time!

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Key Differences in Ceramic, Stone and Glass Tiles

If you’ve ever visited our showroom, you know how inspiring and beautiful this design element can be. With numerous spectacular displays there are literally hundreds of different options and designs all at various price points. Before you purchase, it’s important to know what types of materials are available to you and the key differences in these products.

Here is the lowdown on a few types of tile.

Glass tiles consist of really thin pieces of glass that are usually sold independently or in a mosaic form supported with a mesh material. Glass tiles can be more colorful than other tiles. They are reflective and is ideal for backsplashes and walls. However, you can use glass tiles for floor installations but it’s important to select a glass tile product that is rated for floor use.

Glass tile can create a really beautiful look, but it can be expensive. When working with transparent glass, the adhesive can be visible through the material. That is why it requires installation from a flooring contractor to achieve the best results. We’ve got your back on this.

Ceramic tiles are produced from a mixture of water, clay which is then heated at high temperatures. Most ceramic tiles are treated with a liquid glass coated that is heated under high temperatures making it really durable. It is also affordable and you can purchase ceramic products in a variety of colors and patterns. Ceramic flooring products are not well suitable for areas of the home that experience a lot of traffic.

Stone tiles are more expensive than most flooring products. Stone tiles are handmade from natural materials. You’ll find that stone products typically have unique and bold patterns or designs. This is some of Mother Nature’s finest work! When planning to buy natural stone tiles, be prepared to also have them sealed in order to maintain and preserve their beauty.

Not sure what you need? We can help!

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How to Keep Marble Surfaces Clean

Love your marble floors? With its subtle swirl pattern and beautiful shade variations there’s no wonder you do. Whether you’ve decided to install this colorful stone on your floors, kitchen counters or as a backsplash marble tiles can be very expensive to install. Therefore, it’s important to protect your investment by properly maintaining marble surfaces.

Marble Surfaces are Easily Damaged
Although, marble is a type of natural stone it’s also especially susceptible to damage. Although the exterior is hard it can be easily dented, smashed or cracked. That’s why it’s crucial that you hire a professional to seal marble tiles after they have been installed. A quality sealant will help prevent damage from furniture and foot traffic.

In addition, marble tiles are stain prone. Remember that it is derived from a metamorphic rock which means it can have a negative reaction to acid substances. When acid comes into contact with marble it can result in staining and discoloration. Substances like wine, coffee, ketchup and orange juice should be cleaned up immediately when it comes into contact with your marble tiles.

Sealing Your Marble Tiles
Natural stone tiles like marble require regular sealing, not just after an initial application. Stone is especially porous which means that it needs protecting against food, liquid and other substances. You can choose between solvent or water based sealants depending on your preference. Sealants work by penetrating through the stone and sealing the pores so that it acts as an repellent against moisture and stains.

Tips for Maintaining Marble Surfaces
When cleaning marble surfaces you should avoid using all purpose cleaners that aren’t marble safe since they often contain ingredients that could erode the stone. Here are some additional tips you should keep in mind:

•   You can use a diluted dish soap and water mix
•   Use a dust mop to remove dirt, dust and debris
•   Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove coffee, tea and food
•   Commercial poultice powder can be used to remove stubborn stains
•   If you have marble tiles installed in the bathroom be sure to dry it after showering
•   Be sure to wipe up substances with colorants immediately to avoid staining the stone
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8 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Hardwood Floors

If there were things you should avoid with your hardwood floors, you would want to know, right? To help inform homeowners on activities that can potentially damage their floors, we have created a list of eight things to avoid. Let’s take a look! 


8 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Hardwood Floors

  1. Not Regularly Sweeping Your Floors

Dirt and debris can actually cause unwanted scratches on your beautiful hardwood floors. You will want to sweep your floor regularly to avoid damaging your floors. 

  1. Using Too Much Liquid Cleaner.

If you think about it, wood floors do not do well with liquids; therefore, too much liquid cleaner can be a bad thing. You want to be cautious when cleaning your hardwood floors with wet products. Be sure not to use too much product because you could potentially cause water damage. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions!

  1. Not Using Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are a great invention for hardwood floors. If your furniture ever accidentally shifts, the padding will help to make sure no marks are left. It will also assure you will have a scratch-free surface and keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful. 

  1. Not Utilizing a Doormat

Cut off dirt and debris at the source by placing a doormat by your doors. The mat serves as a middleman between your floors and the front door. They can help collect all of that dirt and debris that you do not want tracked inside of your home. 

  1. Wearing Shoes Indoors

Wearing your shoes indoors can damage your floors, especially high heels. We recommend wearing socks or slippers on your hardwood floors to avoid scratches. You can even utilize your doormat by placing your shoes on it before entering your house. 

  1. Not Trimming Your Pet’s Nails Regularly

Our little fur babies’ nails can do damage to our hardwood floors. Plus, it is important for your pet’s health to keep their nails trimmed and well-kept. Be sure to keep an eye on their nails and make sure that they are at the right length. 

  1. Not Cleaning Accidents Immediately

Life gets busy, but it is essential to clean accidents immediately. If you wait too long, the damage can worsen and your hardwood may be seriously affected by the incident. Be sure to clean up an accident as soon as possible to make sure that your floors stay gorgeous. 

  1. Using The Wrong Type of Padding

The padding underneath your area rug should be a combination of felt and rubber padding to ensure your hardwood is not being scratched.


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Deciding on a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers went out of style for a while. They are very formal. When design trends turned more casual, they lost their popularity. However they are back with a vengeance. There are even casual ones on the market that can be purchased!

With transitional style (a mix between traditional and contemporary) chandeliers have taken on a new role. They are being paired with contemporary furniture to add a dressier look. Black crystals are being used now too. It adds a sexier look that pairs nicely in a transitional or contemporary space.

Crystal chandeliers are moving outside of the dining room. They have been showing up in bedrooms, hanging over the bed and in bathrooms over the tub. This method makes for a more glamourous statement than a traditional ceiling mount fixture in these two rooms.

Chandeliers are being produced on a smaller scale. This makes them more versatile to use. A smaller fixture can add the dressy factor you may be looking for. Since they are not large in scale, they do not give off a formal vibe.
As we pointed out earlier, there is more variety in the shade of crystal that can be purchased. Crystal chandeliers can commonly be found with black, red, pink, blue and green beads. Selecting light blue or green crystal beads can be beautiful in a coastal setting. Red and black beads provide a sexy look.

If you are considering a crystal chandelier, but worry that it may be too formal for your space, contemplate a smaller scale chandelier with a non-traditional bead color! Feel free to place one of these fixtures in a room other than the dining room, such as stated above or even in a formal kitchen, or the foyer.

Deciding if this type of light fixture is right for you means taking a look at your furnishings. If they are formal or of high quality, this fixture may be just what your interior needs. Remember it makes a statement when pairing a crystal chandelier with a contemporary or transitional room. Having an ornate chandelier breaks up the monotony of clean contemporary lines and curves!

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Trendy Kitchen Appliances You Might Want to Try

What’s your kitchen looking like these days? From smart technology to super stylish appliances your kitchen should be at the best it’s ever been. If you really want to create a kitchen that’s both chic and ultra-functional here are some trendy elements you’ll want to incorporate right now.

Easy Touch Control
Induction cooktops became popular in 2013. They were really popular because it was a safer and easier way of cooking via electromagnetic field. However, now you can use your smartphone to control your induction cooktop. With a quick touch and swipe you can bring your food to a simmer or stop it from overheating. Can you imagine the ability to adjust the heat on your cooktop right from your phone?

French Oven Doors
French over doors are super chic and they are ideal for kitchens with limited space as opposed to conventional oven doors that need to be pulled down when opened. Modern French oven doors allow you to control the function of the oven via your smartphone through Bluetooth. That means you can start heating up your dinner in the oven while you are stuck in traffic.

Specialized Fridge Storage
Does your refrigerator need some organizing? It’s time to make use of Whirlpool’s Perfect Place system which are unique storage zones that allows you to see what’s in your fridge and it makes it easily accessible. The system comes with nine flexible storage drawers that is guaranteed to keep your food fresh.

Synced Appliances
These days more homeowners are bringing technology into they’re kitchens. Bluetooth technology is changing the way we use normal kitchen appliances. You’ll find that they are many microwave, induction cooktops and even the lights through Bluetooth technology.

Ice Machine
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an ice machine in your kitchen in 2018. If you’re kitchen isn’t equipped with one than you should consider trying a chewable ice maker. Chewable ice makers allow you to enjoy softer ice cubes just like the ones you’ll find in most restaurants.

Retro Inspired
Love a retro inspired kitchen? So does the rest of the country! This style is making its way back into the kitchen. You can retro inspired appliances like stoves and refrigerators from many different manufacturers.

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5 Kitchen Countertop Materials You Should Consider

If you’re in the process of picking out kitchen countertops, then you probably realized at the beginning that it’s not an easy task. There are literally hundreds of countertop materials available which means making your final decision will be a challenge. The countertops take up most of the surface area therefore you can expect the countertop materials to have a huge influence the kitchen palette.

  1. Granite
    At some point you’ve probably considered granite tops. After all, they are the most highly requested countertop material. There’s no wonder why. Granite is a natural stone that has tons of character. This material has several unique grains, colors and you can customize the finish. When granite is professionally and properly sealed you can expect it to be very durable. As far as price range it’s generally an affordable option at $50 per square foot. Exotic slabs increase in price.

  2. Tile
    If you’re working within a small budget than you might want to opt for tile countertops. Tile is one of the most affordable material options. Ceramic and stone tiles are durable and if you’re savvy you can install them yourself. However, maintaining tile can be a challenge due to the grout which easily stain. To combat this, you should opt for a darker grout color.

  3. Copper
    Copper isn’t a typical choice for countertops, but it can be just the material that your kitchen needs. Surprisingly, copper is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Copper reacts differently to substances creating a blend of green, brown and matte red. If you want the unique and vintage look of copper counters than you can expect to pay a minimum of $100 per square foot.

  4. Zinc
    You’ve probably haven’t heard much about zinc since it’s one of the least popular countertop materials. Zinc will instantly warm a modern contemporary kitchen. You can expect this material to darken over time. Zinc has microbial properties that make it the perfect material to cook and prepare food on.

  5. Paper Based Countertops
    While a recycle paper-based countertop sounds like the worst material it’s accompanied with several benefits. It’s an eco-friendly option! It’s composed of different resins and pigments providing the look of soapstone for a fraction of the cost.

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Rustic Color Pallet

Want the look of a beautiful cabin tucked in the mountains? Yes, when it comes to designing a home there’s nothing more timeless than a rustic design. You can recreate that same beautiful and charming look in your own home. Bringing that character into your home can be more challenging than it sounds. We’re going to show you how you can successfully pull off the rustic look!

Here are some ideas you can consider.

There’s nothing that screams rustic like a fireplace. While any fireplace is great to truly capture the look, you’re going to need to build a fireplace that features a beautiful stone and elevated hearth where your guests will be able to gather around. In addition, fireplace mantels made from reclaimed barn beams or sanded and refinished wood really capture this look. The fireplace is an important part of the home because so many activities are centered around it. So, you should be original and organic.

Firewood Display
What if you don’t have a fireplace? Creating a pile of firewood and strategically placing it on a display shelf can create a rustic feel. Using this as a design element will add a sense of warmth and coziness.

Soften Wood with Fabric
A home full of dark woods is great, but you’ll need to soften up the look with quilts and pillows. Incorporating such fabrics especially if they are handsewn will complement wood. Steer towards bright colors which will stand out against the rustic features.

If you prefer a more “tucked in” or sleeker design, than opting for crisp neutral blankets or bedding will go hand in hand with a cabin like look.

Everything Doesn’t Have to Match
The great thing about creating a rustic theme home is that everything doesn’t have to match. In fact, you want to go for a more collected look. For instance, in the kitchen, cabinets painted red, a black stove mixed with wood flooring and a wood dining set makes the area look comfortably lived in.

Mix Wood Types
Of course, when using wood in a rustic theme you don’t want to stick to one type of wood. Distressed and smooth sanded woods combined with different wood species and their characteristics will add visual interest to the rustic look.

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Should My Kitchen Floors Match the Rest of My Home?

Remodeling your kitchen?

One of the biggest challenges you’re facing now is what type of flooring should you select for the kitchen? This is a critical decision because whatever flooring you select should complement the rest of your home and should be durable enough to withstand the kitchen environment.

Should my kitchen flooring match?
For several years, in the design world the kitchen was always viewed as separate from the rest of the home. Modern design embraces all kinds of looks. That means homeowners can use any type of flooring in the kitchen area if it complements the design of the home.

Whether your kitchen flooring should be an extension of what you’re already using throughout your home or if you should choose something different depends on your personal taste.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to extending your home’s flooring to the rest of the house. Here are three reasons that you should match your kitchen floors with the flooring you’re using in the rest of your home:

  1. If you have an open concept type of kitchen then extending the flooring will make things appear larger and more spacious.
  2. It allows your spaces to flow together and provide a cohesive look.
  3. If you’re using hardwood floors this is a great option because hardwood floors are extremely durable, and they add to the overall value of the home.

Here are the disadvantages:
1. Matching hardwood flooring even if they are of the same species is difficult. In fact, you may not be able to select a grain that’s identical to your existing floors. Therefore, obtaining samples before you make a big purchase is necessary.
2. Using hardwood flooring in the kitchen presents its challenges. While hardwood flooring is durable constant exposure to water and other harmful elements can cause it to age prematurely. Homeowners should select hardwood flooring that is capable of withstanding moisture.

When should you keep your kitchen flooring different?
You should keep the flooring different than the rest of your home if:
● Carpet is installed in the other areas of your home.
● The kitchen is closed off from the rest of the home
● If the kitchen floor is levelled off from the flooring

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Adding A Backsplash To Your Contemporary Kitchen

Ready to take your kitchen’s decor to the next level? Then you might want to consider installing a backsplash. Gone are the days when the typical backsplash were boring tile pieces or a thin piece of silver behind the stove area. Intricately designed backsplashes, featuring all kinds of colors and patterns, have become increasing popular in the contemporary kitchen. How can you get on the wave of this trend?

While a backsplash can add interest to any style of kitchen, it can really benefit a contemporary kitchen. With its stark lines and clean contours this style of kitchen can feel impersonal and lack feeling. Therefore, adding a backsplash will bring some character to area. Once you’ve decided to incorporate this into your design scheme, here’s how you can successfully execute it.

Keep the Backsplash Cohesive with Your Design
If you’re simply interested in adding just a bit of style and not making a bold statement than you want to be sure that your backsplash blends in with the decor of your kitchen while adding a bit of pizzazz. The key is to choose the appropriate material and to consider how your backsplash tiles are installed.

Elaborate Design Scheme
If you really want to make your kitchen pop and make a bold statement than you should select an elaborate backsplash design scheme. For instance, if your kitchen features a lot of neutral colors such as white or black, you can install a colorful backsplash. The way the field tiles are placed can also create emphasis.

When selecting a backsplash be sure to think outside the box. Yes, your unique ideas can lead to a super stylish kitchen.

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