Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decor Ideas

When money is tight, you have to budget yourself and focus on your home’s essentials. Unfortunately, redecorating your bedroom may not make the shortlist. Fortunately, we have seven budget-friendly ideas that can help give your bedroom a makeover for a fraction of the price. Let us take a look! 

Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. Take a Look Around

Whenever you are looking to redecorate, you want to start off by looking around your home. Instead of hitting the store, this idea is completely free and you are guaranteed to find stuff that you love. Plus, a lot of times, homeowners can find items that they may have forgotten about and bring them into their new design. 

2. Center of Attention.

While decorating, you will want to highlight one aspect of your space. You can do this by creating a focal point in the room. Whether you want to draw attention to your window or your handcrafted bed frame, you will want to redirect focus to whatever item you choose to be the focus. You can redirect this focus through proper lighting and furniture placement. 

3. Cozy Up

If you are looking to make your bedroom a little cozier, you may want to opt for a warm-toned color palette. By incorporating warm tones, you can create a comfortable, cozy feeling without spending a lot of money. 

4. Personal Touch

Do-It-Yourself projects have become all the rage over the past several years. With pinning to an online board and endless video tutorials available, homeowners can get exactly what they want for a fraction of the price. If you have a bedroom project in mind, try looking up a DIY project before you start. This will help assure that you stay on budget whenever possible. 

5. Slow + Steady

Our best advice for you is to take it slow. There is no need to rush through decorating your bedroom. Wait until you have the funds for specific pieces and decorate as you go.

6. Multipurpose

Dual-purpose furniture is truly a gift to us. It allows homeowners to have one object that has double the use. This is perfect for homeowners with small spaces, but also for homeowners needing to save a little extra money. Try looking for furniture pieces that serve two purposes. You may be able to cut back on expenses and save room within your space.

7. A Little Creativity

Your creativity can be your best friend during the design process. When in doubt, substitute a piece of furniture with something else. You can stack your old, rustic luggage and create a nightstand or turn a piece of patio furniture into a reading chair. Just let your creativity flow and you will be surprised by how much you can accomplish on a budget. 

With financing options available, budget-friendly floors may be closer than you think! To learn about our financing, contact us today!

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Modern Luxe Fireplace


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Beaulieu Luxury Waterproof Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Planking has come a long way and is a fantastic alternative to hardwood flooring. You can find LVP in almost every species of wood and texture that you can find in hardwood. These timeless, realistic replicas can be installed over virtually any surface, and they are generally less expensive than tile and hardwood. They will dampen sound, provide easy installation, and they are extremely stylish. Beaulieu’s Lux Haus Luxury Vinyl Planking is a perfect solution to install in your basement, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and even commercial spaces! This 100% waterproof, hand-scraped floor has an extremely high definition print film which makes it an amazing alternative to rooms that cannot have hardwood installed inside of them.

Beaulieu’s LVP is a tremendous, multipurpose solution to any room that may have water in it. Even if you spill, the antimicrobial surface finish will resist bacteria and mold from forming. This planking also is radiant heat approved, which makes this product a great floor to be installed in any room near a fireplace or a heat source. Beaulieu has attached a cork underlayment to each plank to save you on time and money during installation. This also is a great sound barrier for upstairs rooms!

Lux Haus Waterproof Vinyl Planks are considered commercial grade, so you will not have to worry about your pets damaging this material. If a plank is damaged, you can pop it out and replace it. Being a floating floor means that it can go over any surface even steps.  This is great and adds value to the adaptability of the product, also allowing not much floor prep time, if any. The cork underlayment also works as a cushion making the flooring more comfortable on your feet. With a colossal selection of colors and styles, this floor can fit into any style of home!

Luxury Vinyl Planks is quickly growing to become people’s favorite choice of flooring. With its high durability and versatility, this waterproof flooring is a great addition to add to your home. Whether you are going for a contemporary, modern or even old style look, Beaulieu Luxury Vinyl Planking has the perfect style for you.

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Ideas for Decorating Your Walls with Flooring

In recent years, designers have turned the game upside down, quite literally, by placing flooring on the walls. The intriguing look can help create an accent wall or artistic focal point inside of your room. If you are looking to add character to your space, here are three popular ideas for decorating with flooring on your walls. Let’s take a look! 

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls with Flooring:

Idea No. 1: Hardwood.

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring types that homeowners choose when covering their floors. When this trend emerged, hardwood floors made its way to the walls. Homeowners love this rustic look that adds character and charm to a space. They also enjoy it for its stability and easy-to-clean surface. Hardwood can be the perfect option for homeowners looking to add a little bit of character into their space. 

Idea No. 2: Tile.

You may not be surprised by the idea of having tile on walls. Backsplash has taken the design industry by storm, because of its design and style options. Recently, homeowners have been taking the trend outside of the bathrooms and kitchens to create a focal point within their room. Homeowners love this modern look because of its durability, easy installation, and vast selection. 

Idea No. 3: Wood-Like Laminate.

If hardwood is not within your budget, laminate can be an excellent option. Laminate has featured wood-like styles to complete the look that you desire at a reasonable price. Homeowners love this groundbreaking technology for its durability, affordability, and easy installation. Also, laminate comes in an array of different sizes, colors, and styles to help suit any design preferences. This makes it the perfect option for a project on a budget. 

Are you interested in installing flooring on the walls of your home? We carry a wide variety of products to help meet your room’s needs. From laminate to ceramic tile, we have you covered and with an expert sales staff, we can help to give you the perfect recommendations for your space. For more information, call us or visit one of our showrooms. We look forward to helping you from the floors to the walls! 

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Expert Remodeling Tips

You have saved. You have budgeted. You have dreamed. Finally, you have the chance to remodel your home. After a long and winding process, you are ready to take on the reins and embark upon this incredible journey. But before you begin, we want to share our seven expert remodeling tips that we have learned over the years. Let’s take a look! 

Expert Remodeling Tips:

1. Cozy is Key

While many homeowners strive for a stylish, trendy place, trends can come and go. The key to a remodel is to create a comfortable oasis for you and your family. When you focus on comfort, your home will become more of a relaxing sanctuary. And let’s be honest, when has cozy ever went out of style? 

2. A Timeless Masterpiece.

To reiterate our point made above, trends come and go. That is why you will want to focus on timeless renditions for your home. Sticking to a neutral color palette can help do the trick. By focusing on neutrals, you know your pieces will last a lifetime. Plus, neutrals are said to be more “cozy” colors. This way you master both comfort and timelessness all in one space. 

3. Spacious Storage

In a remodel, storage will be your main focus. While remodeling can be about updating, you always want to be conscious of your home’s storage situation. Whenever you are focusing on a new area of your home, try and think about all of the storage needs for that space.

4. Make it a Lifestyle

A remodel is a chance to start over and focus on your interests. It is the time to add unique features to your home that make you happy. Try and add special details to make the place unique to you.

5. Something Old, Something New

While new items are exciting, sometimes it can be a little unpractical. To help budget yourself better, try to find items you currently own that you can work into your new design. 

6. Add Character

With remodeling, there is a chance that you could lose your home’s special character. Be sure to accentuate the parts of the home that you love. If the ceiling is unique, paint the trim to emphasize its beauty. 

7. Set The Mood

Speaking of paint, paint can be one of the most crucial parts to a remodel. Paint can completely change the tone of a room; therefore, you want to be sure you know what mood you want in each room. For bathrooms, a light blue can create a bright, refreshing atmosphere. Take a look at each individual room and decide what mood/tone you want to be capitalized inside of that space.

If you need suggestions, our expert staff would love to assist you! Contact us or visit one of our showrooms to learn more. 


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Dramatic Dining


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The floor of all floors!

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Carpet that deserves a second look!

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Dining with Style


Learn how to dine in style with these fun and easy tips for your dining room table! 

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Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

You may think that there is not a lot of room to work with inside of a small bathroom. With any small space, you are half right. Small bathrooms pose a difficult challenge because you cannot move around the plumbing without racking up a huge bill. Fortunately, we have 9 brilliant ideas that will hopefully save you time, money, and space.

Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger:

1. Put on a Pedestal.

Pedestal sinks are a minimalistic sink styling that can save you a ton of space. If you have the option to choose a sink, be sure to opt-in for a pedestal sink. You will not regret it.

2. Be Open.

Open storage can save a lot of room, plus it can be used as a stylish decor piece. Open cabinets or dressers can showcase your towels, fancy decor, etc.

3. Let Little Details Shine.

Since you are going more low-key on a lot of your bathroom items, let the little details shine. Things like your mirror, light fixtures, and decorations can make quite the impact.

4. Sleek Shelving.

Finding sleek and narrow shelving can be important for your bathroom’s concept. You still want to be able to include important shelving and storage systems without sacrificing too much space. A great way to compromise is for you to buy sleek shelving. Items that can fit in small corners and do not take up too much room will do just the trick!

5. The Slide.

Instead of using doors that swing open, be sure to buy sliding doors. You will not believe the amount of space that this will save you!

6. Let Windows Do What They Do Best.

Do not place curtains or blinds on your windows. In a small space, windows are one of the best features that can help keep it open. Avoid bulky curtains and let the natural light flow throughout the space.

7. On the Rise.

Place your shower curtains higher than the normal height to give the illusion of a big space. By purchasing vertically striped curtains, you can help add to the illusion and create a larger-looking space.

8. Look Light.

When choosing a color scheme, choose light colors for your small space. Light colors will help open up your bathroom and reflect the natural sunlight.

9. The Glass Effect.

When in doubt, buy it in glass. Glass shelving and sink bowls can help open up your small space. The glass helps the eyes not recognize where the item begins and stops. It is the perfect solution for your tiny bathroom.

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