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Beaulieu Luxury Waterproof Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Planking has come a long way and is a fantastic alternative to hardwood flooring. You can find LVP in almost every species of wood and texture that you can find in hardwood. These timeless, realistic replicas can be installed over virtually any surface, and they are generally less expensive than tile and hardwood. […]

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Ideas for Decorating Your Walls with Flooring

In recent years, designers have turned the game upside down, quite literally, by placing flooring on the walls. The intriguing look can help create an accent wall or artistic focal point inside of your room. If you are looking to add character to your space, here are three popular ideas for decorating with flooring on […]

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Expert Remodeling Tips

You have saved. You have budgeted. You have dreamed. Finally, you have the chance to remodel your home. After a long and winding process, you are ready to take on the reins and embark upon this incredible journey. But before you begin, we want to share our seven expert remodeling tips that we have learned […]

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Dramatic Dining


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The floor of all floors!

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Carpet that deserves a second look!

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Dining with Style

LEVIS DINING WITH STYLE – YouTube Learn how to dine in style with these fun and easy tips for your dining room table! 

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Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

You may think that there is not a lot of room to work with inside of a small bathroom. With any small space, you are half right. Small bathrooms pose a difficult challenge because you cannot move around the plumbing without racking up a huge bill. Fortunately, we have 9 brilliant ideas that will hopefully […]

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Why White Floors?

White floors have become a popular and trendy flooring choice that is taking over the design world.  Pros:  White floors open up your space.  White floors create a sleek design for your room.  White floors are unique and will make your home stand out from the rest.  White floors can create a look of elegance […]

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Memorial Day

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