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How to Remove Wax from Your Floors

It does not matter how you got here, but you are here. Candle wax has spilled all over your brand new flooring and you are in a panic. Remain calm, because we have an easy guide on how to correctly remove candle wax from hardwood and carpet flooring. Let’s take a look! 

1. Carpet Floors

Step One: Loosen the harden wax with a butter knife. Make sure to be extremely gentle to prevent snagging of the carpet. 

Step Two: The leftover wax can be taken off with an iron and a white cotton towel. Make sure that you use a white towel; other colors can bleed onto the carpet. Place the white towel on top of the wax and the iron on top of the towel. Let the iron sit on the towel for approximately 10 seconds. The heat from the iron should draw the wax out of the carpet. Keep repeating this exercise until the majority of the wax is removed from the carpet.

Pro-Tip: The iron’s heat can damage your carpet’s fibers. Make sure that you NEVER place the iron directly on your carpet. Always place a white cotton towel between your iron and carpet to ensure a safe heat transfer. 

Step Three: Lastly, create a mixture with a 1/4 teaspoon of clear, gentle (no dye) dish detergent with one cup of warm water. Gently blot the area with a white towel that has been soaked in the mixture. Make sure not to scrub or rub the area. Place white paper towels down on top of the dampened area. Place a heavy object on top of the paper towels then let it sit for a couple of hours. 

2. Hardwood Floors

Step One: Take a plastic object to gently scrape the wax off of the area (a credit card or ruler will do the trick).

Step Two: Place an ice cube on top of the wax. 

Step Three: Try scraping the wax off with your plastic object again and repeat until all the wax is removed. 

Step Four: Dry the area to prevent water damage on your hardwood floors. 

** We always encourage consumers to check their flooring manufacturer’s site for specific guidelines. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call us.

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Guest Rooms


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Different Ways to Style Glass Tile

Glass tile has been a major aesthetic component in homes all across the world. We have seen the beauty of accent glass tiles as backsplashes in our kitchens, and we love how distinct they make our shower walls look. Since glass tile is extremely versatile, it can be applied in almost any area of the home.
Glass tiles can be purchased in all kinds of finishes including opaque and reflective glasses. Since glass reflects light, it can visually expand a space and it can keep a room brighter for an extended period of time. If you think you have exhausted the ways you can use glass tiles in your house, here are some additional trends that we see homeowners using: 
  • Designing The Hearth. 
Make your fireplace the focal point of the room by decking out the hearth in mosaic glass tiles. The hearth may be the last place you thought that you would be seeing glass tile but it makes for a durable and simply breathtaking surrounding. Imagine watching the light from the fire dance in the glass. To make this look unique, you can invest in tiles with different color blends and designs. Glass tile is ideal for the hearth because the maintenance process is relatively simple. It does not stain, it can be easily wiped clean and when grouped together, glass is extremely durable.
  • Wrap Around Accent Wall.
Take the backsplash concept a bit further by extending glass accent tiles across the entire wall. If you are feeling adventurous, you can carry out this concept in an area other than the kitchen or bathroom. You can create a mural across the length of the wall in any space. You do not need to limit the design to the traditional subway pattern. Instead, you can create a transitional look by spinning the tiles. Use glass tile that compliments the decor of room for an outstanding effect.
  • Tiled Headboard.
Cannot seem to find the perfect headboard? Consider creating your own massive headboard using glass mosaic tiles. Adhere them to the wall behind your bed. Get creative and form tiles to create a specific design. Use tiles featuring different colors and accents to really make the headboard stand out in the room. 
Are you searching for the perfect glass tiles to complete your room’s design? We would love for you to browse our online showroom at Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. 
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Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a house. When buyers or guests enter a home, they expect to be “wowed” by the home’s kitchen. Depending on your home’s space, you can choose from over six popular kitchen layouts to “wow” your buyers and/or guests.  Let’s take a look! 

Most Popular Kitchen Layouts: 

Layout No. One: Pullman Kitchen/One-Wall Kitchen. 

In most cases, you will see a Pullman kitchen inside of a studio or loft. Generally speaking, Pullman kitchens often tend to be the most space-saving type of kitchen on this list. You will find that all cabinets and appliances are on one wall in a Pullman kitchen. In more updated and modern versions, you may find a Pullman kitchen with an island to provide more counter space. Unfortunately, the Pullman kitchen offers the least amount of counter space but works well in smaller spaces. 

Layout No. Two: Galley Kitchen. 

Galley kitchens are a popular choice for apartments and they tend to work well for one cook households. A galley kitchen is quite like a hallway with cabinets and appliances on either side. You can walk through a galley kitchen like you would a hallway. They are great for homeowners who want to take advantage of all of the space and provide more counter space and cabinetry than the Pullman kitchen. 

Layout No. Three: L-Shaped Kitchen.

L-shaped kitchens have mastered the art of corner space. The L-shape kitchen includes two walls and the corner in between them. This look is perfect for small or medium-sized kitchens. The L-shape kitchen tends to be a more open concept and makes it easier to have guests intermingle with the cook. 

Layout No. Four: Horseshoe Kitchen. 

In the horseshoe design, you use all three of your walls for cabinets and appliances. If you think of the L-shaped design, just add one more wall and you have the horseshoe design. It is great for guests as well because it has an open concept. 

Layout No. Five: Kitchen Island.

We absolutely love kitchen islands. They provide working space and room for extra storage and appliances. You can even make yourself an eat-in-kitchen by adding seating to your island. A lot can be accomplished with an island. You can even add an island into nearly every kitchen (except galley). 

Layout No. Six: Peninsula Kitchen. 

To image a peninsula kitchen, you will need to imagine the L-shaped kitchen. Now, off of the end of the L, you have your island. The Peninsula looks similar to a horseshoe kitchen, but it provides the functionality of an island. 

Are you remodeling or renovating your current kitchen? Let us help with your floors! Our expert staff will ensure that you get the floors of your dreams at a reasonable price. Stop by or call us today. 

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Decorating with Gold

Most of us enjoy the glamorous and luxurious appearance that gold evokes. It is a color that catches the eye which why it is no surprise that it has become so trendy in home decor. Decorating with this metallic color can be challenging because if it is not executed correctly, it can look gaudy and overwhelming. If you are interested in adding some sparkle to your home, we are going to show you how to properly decorate with gold. 
Decorating with Gold
1. Make A Statement.
When working with gold materials, you have the opportunity to create great interest because gold carries such a big impact. So if you are going to use gold in a room, you want to be sure that you create your “wow” moment. Whether it is gold wallpaper, a side table or a gold-covered decor pillow, you should make sure that it pops inside of the room.
2. Mix Metallics.
To truly bring out the beauty of gold in your home’s decor, you should try mixing it with other metallics like bronze, rose and champagne gold. Mixing metallic colors has become an increasingly popular trend because it adds layers of dimensions to a room. When mixing metallics, you should also mix up the finishes. Combine matte, glossy and brushed metallic pieces to create a versatile yet harmonious look.
3. Gold and Natural Materials.
Pairing gold accessories with natural materials makes for a great balance. You can use organic touches like floral arrangements and wood materials to break up metallics. Mixing these elements will prevent your gold decor scheme from being too overpowering.
4. Gold and Bold Colors.
Gold is also appealing when paired with other royal colors like purple and blue. Using such variations softens the theme and adds a sense of depth to the overall design. If you want to further tone down the look, incorporate more neutral tones.
5. Use in Moderation.
As glitzy and beautiful as gold looks, you should avoid incorporating too many gold pieces in one space. Doing so will have the opposite effect and will be overwhelming. The sparkly specks in gold materials naturally catch the eye. You do not need to use several gold accents to make a statement. Subtley is your best friend while decorating. 
We hope you enjoyed these tips for decorating with gold. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 
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Counter Intuitive


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Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are interested in learning easy ways to increase your home value, you have come to the right place! We have five quick and easy tips for you to incorporate into your home this spring. Let’s get started.  

Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

1. Seek an Expert.

Your realtor knows exactly what homeowners are specifically looking for in a home. Seeking their expert advice could really help you in increasing your home’s overall value. They have seen it all, the worst and the best. Ask them what you could personally do to increase your home’s value, especially if you are remodeling for a resale. 

2. Fresh Coat of Paint.

Most buyers are looking for a home that they could imagine making their own. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, updating the paint to a more neutral palette may save you future expenses. Neutral tones have and will always be in style; therefore, they tend to be a safe bet. 

3. Focus on The Exterior.

The outside of your home is where a lot of your home’s value is determined. If your outdoor area is lacking curb appeal, you may want to spruce it up a bit. Be sure to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, remove excess leaves and branches, tidy up your flower bed. 

4. Kitchen + Bath.

On the inside of your home, your kitchen and bathrooms are the most important updates that you can make. Designers recommend that if you cannot afford a total remodel right now, try changing out small things that keep your space outdated. By slowing updating and upgrading, you can increase your home’s value. 

5. Go Energy-Efficient.

Replacing your home’s outdated and underwhelming fixtures can help increase your home’s overall value. An updated and new version will help make your home seem trendy and worth more money. Energy-efficient appliances are all the rage and could help make a sale. 

We believe that the greatest way to increase your home’s value is to have quality floors. With expert staff and exceptional service, we hope to help you with your next flooring endeavor. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about our prices and financing options. 

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Beautiful Kitchens


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Tips for Buying Furniture

Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning a little at a time, buying furniture can be one of the most important aspects of homes. You want your pieces to be well-built, functional, stylish and affordable. With all of these concerns, beginning the design process can be stressful for most homeowners. But do not fret, because we have you covered with our six tips for buying furniture.  

Tips for Buying Furniture: 

1. Get Durable Fabrics.

Consider how many accidental spills or stains occur in your house. The more durable the fabric, the better. Expert designers recommend buying fabrics that can be used indoors or outdoors. These fabrics are sure to pass the test for stain resistance. 

2. Consider Proportions.

Try not fall in love with a piece of furniture that will not fit in your house. Measure the room and buy furniture that fits the room’s proportions. It is better to know if it will work beforehand than getting it and finding out it will not fit.

3. Rethink Your Current Pieces.

Your current furniture has done the job for so many years. Why not reuse it? You can reupholster fabric chairs, paint antique dressers, etc. 

4. Go Thrifting.

Thrift shops are a hotbed for good finds. You may be pleasantly surprised by what cool things you can discover at your local thrift store. 

5. Matching is a Must.

The underlying wood tone needs to be the same color to have your room’s furniture flow. You can get away with going a few shades lighter or darker, but you should make sure to buy the same type of wood. This can truly make a huge difference in your home’s design. 

6. Shop for a Statement.

Every room needs a statement piece! From a locally crafted dining room table to a gasp-worthy chandelier, consider making a statement in your room’s design. 

While redesigning your home, have you considered new flooring? We would love to help you finish off your home’s design with brand new flooring from us. We have a wide selection of styles that would match perfectly with your new furniture. Do not hesitate, contact us today for more information. 

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