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Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a house. When buyers or guests enter a home, they expect to be “wowed” by the home’s kitchen. Depending on your home’s space, you can choose from over six popular kitchen layouts to “wow” your buyers and/or guests.  Let’s take a look!  Most Popular Kitchen Layouts:  […]

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5 Tricks to Make a Small Kitchen Look Spacious

Do you hate your small kitchen? Yes, designing a smaller sized kitchen can be a challenge especially if you require more storage space or if navigating the room is a bit difficult. Now is the time to implement clever design tricks to create a sense of openness while maximizing function. Here are some easy ways […]

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Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen with new flooring? If so, make sure function and durability are a main priority. Today’s flooring is designed to be very durable and low maintenance due to our demanding lifestyles. There are so many beautiful options on the market today that choosing a kitchen floor can be overwhelming. […]

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Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinetry can make or break the design of a kitchen. Since they are the first thing you’ll notice when you enter the room it’s important for them to be in a style and color that you absolutely love. If it’s time to give your cabinets a facelift on a small budget than you should consider […]

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Trendy Kitchen Appliances You Might Want to Try

What’s your kitchen looking like these days? From smart technology to super stylish appliances your kitchen should be at the best it’s ever been. If you really want to create a kitchen that’s both chic and ultra-functional here are some trendy elements you’ll want to incorporate right now. Easy Touch Control Induction cooktops became popular […]

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5 Kitchen Countertop Materials You Should Consider

If you’re in the process of picking out kitchen countertops, then you probably realized at the beginning that it’s not an easy task. There are literally hundreds of countertop materials available which means making your final decision will be a challenge. The countertops take up most of the surface area therefore you can expect the […]

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Should My Kitchen Floors Match the Rest of My Home?

Remodeling your kitchen? One of the biggest challenges you’re facing now is what type of flooring should you select for the kitchen? This is a critical decision because whatever flooring you select should complement the rest of your home and should be durable enough to withstand the kitchen environment. Should my kitchen flooring match? For […]

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Adding A Backsplash To Your Contemporary Kitchen

Ready to take your kitchen’s decor to the next level? Then you might want to consider installing a backsplash. Gone are the days when the typical backsplash were boring tile pieces or a thin piece of silver behind the stove area. Intricately designed backsplashes, featuring all kinds of colors and patterns, have become increasing popular […]

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Butch Block Counter Tops

Solid surface counter tops have been so popular for years, everybody has them. Butcher block is a nice alternative to solid surface counter tops. Find out in this read if wood counter tops are right for you! This product is more affordable than marble or granite. It is also more durable and easy to install. […]

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Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Kitchens can be an important aspect of a home. From family dinners to holiday meals, your kitchen has been through it all. A lot of laughs and smiles have been apart of your kitchen and you may want to emphasize on it being family-friendly. Well, where do you begin? To start, we have created five […]

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