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How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Does your garbage disposal get a workout everyday? Do you take this wonderful invention for granted? Did you know there are some rules of maintenance that need to be followed to keep your disposal in good health? Keep anything too hard out of the disposal – this is very important. Hard items will cause your […]

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Laundry Room Floors

Previously we’ve talked about laundry rooms being on the move in the house. You can now find laundry rooms upstairs and in closets as well as the more traditional places like the basement.  No matter where the laundry room is in your home, make sure you have the proper flooring for the space.   Laundry […]

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Setting the Stage for Good Design: Room Layout

Creating a welcoming room begins with the furniture arrangement. This living room is a great example of a balanced room layout. It’s easy because the room is essentially a square, which lends itself to a balanced room.  Let’s take a look and see what works in this room, and what could be changed.   First, […]

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Staircase Focal Point

In a two or three story home, the foyer is often dominated by an open staircase. The staircase becomes the focal point of the space. Grand sweeping staircases, straight staircases and turned staircases all have their unique attributes and style. The style of the staircase should reflect the architecture of the home.   A floating […]

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Coordinating Colors in Design

Good design has a synergy between colors in the room. The wall, floor, furnishings and accents all work in harmony to create a beautiful color palette for the room. For professional designers and decorators, designing the color palette is a key part in the overall finished room’s successful design.   Learning to coordinate colors between […]

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Decorating with the Five Senses: Scent

When decorating our homes we tend to focus on the visual: how does our home look. We might take into consideration touch when choosing fabrics and rugs and adding texture to our designs.  Sound can be the laughter of our children, music, or even the sound of quiet from good quality windows that block out […]

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