Laundry Room Floors

Previously we’ve talked about laundry rooms being on the move in the house. You can now find laundry rooms upstairs and in closets as well as the more traditional places like the basement.  No matter where the laundry room is in your home, make sure you have the proper flooring for the space.


Laundry room floors need to be able to withstand the unforeseeable leaks and overflows.  Sometimes there are spills of detergent and even bleach in the laundry room. Having a sturdy and durable floor under your machines is also important. Wipe up any spills and extra water no matter what type of floor you put down in your laundry room. And check behind the utility sink and washing machine periodically for leaks.


The best materials for a laundry room floor do not include carpet. Even wet clothes or smelly sports outfits can leave a carpet smelly damp and dirty.  Solid surface and vinyl that can hold up to mini floods and everyday spills is probably the best bet when it comes to laundry room flooring. If you feel the floors are too cold, you can always put down a washable area rug in front of the machines.


Along with stone, wood and laminate, vinyl tile or vinyl sheeting can be found in a number of styles and colors, some that mimic real stone. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive compared to other materials like hardwood or stone.

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