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Decorate Every Room in Your House for the Holidays

Your tree is up and the lights outside look great but don’t forget about decorating other rooms in your house for the yuletide. Staircases and banisters are no brainers for holiday décor. You can always do a traditional green garland, but why not dress it up with satin ribbons, lights, pinecones or flowers, metallic berries […]

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Fashion Inspired Accessories

A little red lipstick or a red clutch can turn a so-so look into something beautiful.  A sparkling purse, a colorful bracelet or a gorgeous pair of shoes are the little touches that make an outfit more than just clothes. This same attitude can be applied to designing and decorating our homes.  Accessories inspired by […]

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Rearranging Furniture

At first glance, this room scene looks well put together but somewhat bland.  If you take a closer view, it has a ton of design potential to make this room multifunctional and stand out from another living area. We have a few suggestions to make this room absolutely beautiful. Instead of opening the front door […]

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Blank Slate

Starting from scratch with a blank slate is a luxury many of us don’t have unless we’ve recently moved or are building a new house. Some people might have an extra room that isn’t being used, but most likely an extra space is spoken for in our homes. But imagine if you did have an […]

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Decorating a Bay Window

Bay windows are often highlights of a home’s description.  A living room with a bay window or walk out bay will often be mentioned when describing the home. Bay windows are nice architectural features in a home, but can often be difficult to decorate.  Because they bow out from the rest of the room, incorporating […]

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Design Inspiration: English Drawing Room

 A classic English drawing room doesn’t exist in most American homes. The home office could be turned into an English style drawing room that still functions as an office, but with classic English style.  Part library, part living room, the drawing room is an intimate room that is perfect for solo activities like reading or […]

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Mix it Up: Decorating a Room with Different Styles

There is a big trend in design right now that you’ve probably seen. Mixing up different design styles in one room for an eclectic look that when it works feels very personal.  While using just one style, like traditional or Mediterranean, is still popular in new home construction and decorating, we’re seeing more and more […]

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