Rearranging Furniture

13163602_SAt first glance, this room scene looks well put together but somewhat bland.  If you take a closer view, it has a ton of design potential to make this room multifunctional and stand out from another living area. We have a few suggestions to make this room absolutely beautiful.

Instead of opening the front door to someone immediately facing you who is lounging on the couch, turn the couch 90 degrees facing the fireplace.  This will help divide the room into two separate areas; a living room and an entry space.  The couch will also be facing the focal point in this room, the beautiful, brick fireplace and the television.

Always remember what you’re trying to focus on in a room and what you want to stand out.  The fireplace/television area is already an easy place to focus on because they’re centered in the wall with built-in bookshelves, which frame the fireplace.  As the furniture is right now, the door seems to be the focal point, and that’s not very appealing.

A walk off mat is a great idea to protect those hardwood floors.  An area rug in front of the couch would designate the seating area.

We would also bring the sitting chair on the other side of the table and angle toward the fireplace/television.  Adding art and accent pillows would bring this space to life and bring more character into the space.

Overall, this room has great features like the brick fireplace, the built-in shelving, the hardwood flooring, and the natural lighting from the large window and front door.  The room just needs a quick and easy fix by rearranging furniture and adding color and personality to make it that much more of a living space.

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