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Taking Care of Kid’s Clutter

A child’s bedroom or playroom can be one of the most problematic rooms to organize because the room is constantly in use. Once you organized one area of the room, another mess shows up on the other side. With the constant battle on clutter, we have seven solutions to help you fight back and organize […]

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Designing a Small Bedroom

When selecting the furnishings in a small bedroom, less is definitely more. However, when choosing a bed, compromising on your mattress size is not always an option. When you leave as much floor space available as possible, you can choose to utilize a headboard and leave out the footboard. Both a headboard and footboard can […]

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Transforming a Bedroom For Winter

  With the cooler temperatures approaching, it is beneficial to make a few changes to the bedroom. After a long day of working and commuting, there is no better way to unwind than to relax in a cozy bedroom. Read on for easy tips that will transform your bedroom into a warm sanctuary! Warm up […]

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How to Decorate a Girl’s Nursery

What you want to remember when decorating any nursery is that it should be a calming place for a baby. Find out how to create a peaceful sanctuary for any baby girl. Use calm and muted colors. Light or baby pink is the perfect choice for this space. It creates a calming effect and is […]

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How To Use Your Wedding Bouquet To Design a Room In Your House

Have you yet considered what you will do with your wedding bouquet after you’ve tied the knot? Sure the flowers will eventually wilt, and you can try to preserve them. But wouldn’t it be marvelous to use it as inspiration for a room in your house? Whether you keep the actual bouquet or not, give […]

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Roll Away Pet Bed Project For Large Dog Breeds

So you got that adorable little puppy awhile ago and, despite your better judgment, allowed him to sleep in the bed with you. What harm could it cause, you thought, he’s just a tiny little guy. Fast forward to your large breed dog growing to his full size. You are, of course, very aware of […]

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Your Choice — Tell Us Your Favorite!

Would you choose a formal bedroom or one that leans towards a cozy getaway?  Why?

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Creating Additional Closet Space with Wardrobes

If you have an older home or apartment, it seems like you never have quite enough storage for your clothes and shoes. The luxury of a walk in closet or dressing room is something many of us dream of adding to our home or finding in our next home. The reality is that many older […]

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Bedroom Interior Inspiration

Do you want your bedroom to reflect your personal with a touch of elegance and create a relaxing ambiance?  We’re going to breakdown the design elements in this particular bedroom scene to help inspire your next bedroom remodel. Color: If you take a look at the overall color palette of this room, you’ll notice that […]

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Master Suite Sitting Areas

New home construction and remodels often feature large master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The master bedroom often has more than enough room for the typical bedroom furniture suite. After placing a king size bed, a pair of night stands and a dresser, there is often a great deal of floor space leftover in the […]

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