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Valentine’s Day

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the same old holiday it is every year. Getting your special someone flowers, chocolate and all the other stuff she doesn’t really want, and is so boring.   After you take her to see Fifty Shades of Grey, come in this weekend to see us for our Warehouse Flooring Sale […]

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How Many Shades of Grey?

Shades of Grey. Seems to be a hot topic lately. What shade of grey is your favorite?   Grey is an easy color to incorporate your home décor because it is so versatile. We have shades of grey hardwood, tile, marble, and carpet. We haven’t counted to see if we have exactly fifty shades of […]

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Valentine’s Day Playlist Songs That Include the Word ROMANCE in the Title

Valentine’s Day is definitely a holiday that is more enjoyable with the presence of music. This could be romantic mandolin playing softly near your dinner table at a restaurant. Or fun tunes at a dance club where you and your girlfriends have gone for the night because you want to celebrate the fun of being […]

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