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How To Use Your Wedding Bouquet To Design a Room In Your House

Have you yet considered what you will do with your wedding bouquet after you’ve tied the knot? Sure the flowers will eventually wilt, and you can try to preserve them. But wouldn’t it be marvelous to use it as inspiration for a room in your house? Whether you keep the actual bouquet or not, give […]

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How To Make DIY Curtains the No-Sew Way

This project is so much simpler than it sounds. The idea of making curtains is daunting if you don’t have sewing skills, but it’s entirely possible and you can easily accomplish it in one day. Here’s how! These instructions are for a 96” (8’) ceiling. Purchase fabric. This is the fun part because you are […]

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Virtual Room Designer

Do you want to see how that new carpet would look in a living room?  Do you wonder if your wall color would complement a particular floor tile?  Or would you like to see how these items would look in your own home?   Virtual Room Designer is a powerful design tool that allows you […]

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The Magic of Slipcovers

Do you have furniture you love but want to change its looks to be cohesive with your newly painted walls or new area rug? Slipcovers are a great solution for such a design predicament.  Shabby Chic style brought slipcovers back into style. The white slipcovered furniture that makes up the basis of Shabby Chic style […]

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Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces

Sectionals continue to be one of the most popular styles of sofas on the market.  With either a chaise section or an L-shaped sofa, sectionals provide a lot of seating and space for lounging.  The sectional’s versatility is what makes it such a popular choice for living rooms, family rooms, and home theaters. Sectional sofas […]

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Decorating a Bay Window

Bay windows are often highlights of a home’s description.  A living room with a bay window or walk out bay will often be mentioned when describing the home. Bay windows are nice architectural features in a home, but can often be difficult to decorate.  Because they bow out from the rest of the room, incorporating […]

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