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How To Use Your Wedding Bouquet To Design a Room In Your House

Have you yet considered what you will do with your wedding bouquet after you’ve tied the knot? Sure the flowers will eventually wilt, and you can try to preserve them. But wouldn’t it be marvelous to use it as inspiration for a room in your house? Whether you keep the actual bouquet or not, give […]

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5 Best Ways To Use White As The Focal Color In Your Home Décor

Do you have the perfect vision of a glamorous all white room in your home? If so, good for you! It’s a bold choice that requires care and attention. Before you dive in, consider the fact that strictly white in a room can feel a little institutional. Keep the focus on white, but try one […]

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How To Determine Your Design and Decorating Style – Part 2

Part 2 – Your Own Inspiration Honing your personal style in the design of your home is rather challenging sometimes. Sure, you know what you like in general. But how in the world does one pull it all together to stylishly translate it into home décor? It’s easier than you think! Just follow our guide […]

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Can Emotions Be Colors?

Decorating with colors can be approached with many different techniques when deciding what color schemes and designs you want to use. One unique way to consider what colors to use when decorating or redesigning a room is to use your emotional response to color and let that guide your design. This not only creates an […]

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How To Make DIY Curtains the No-Sew Way

This project is so much simpler than it sounds. The idea of making curtains is daunting if you don’t have sewing skills, but it’s entirely possible and you can easily accomplish it in one day. Here’s how! These instructions are for a 96” (8’) ceiling. Purchase fabric. This is the fun part because you are […]

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Decorating the Country Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It has been said to be the busiest and the most travelled area of the house. For people who have modern houses, they may still want to have traditional or country-styled kitchen and the good news is, it can be done. The great thing […]

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Master Suite Sitting Areas

New home construction and remodels often feature large master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The master bedroom often has more than enough room for the typical bedroom furniture suite. After placing a king size bed, a pair of night stands and a dresser, there is often a great deal of floor space leftover in the […]

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Setting the Stage for Good Design: Room Layout

Creating a welcoming room begins with the furniture arrangement. This living room is a great example of a balanced room layout. It’s easy because the room is essentially a square, which lends itself to a balanced room.  Let’s take a look and see what works in this room, and what could be changed.   First, […]

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Staircase Focal Point

In a two or three story home, the foyer is often dominated by an open staircase. The staircase becomes the focal point of the space. Grand sweeping staircases, straight staircases and turned staircases all have their unique attributes and style. The style of the staircase should reflect the architecture of the home.   A floating […]

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Coordinating Colors in Design

Good design has a synergy between colors in the room. The wall, floor, furnishings and accents all work in harmony to create a beautiful color palette for the room. For professional designers and decorators, designing the color palette is a key part in the overall finished room’s successful design.   Learning to coordinate colors between […]

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