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Three Ideas for Your Extra Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, you might be wondering what to do with that valuable space. If you don’t need another guest room or home office area, here are three inspired ideas. Library Avid readers deserve a quiet space to read and peruse books. Dark wood floors would complement this aesthetic. […]

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Decorate Every Room in Your House for the Holidays

Your tree is up and the lights outside look great but don’t forget about decorating other rooms in your house for the yuletide. Staircases and banisters are no brainers for holiday décor. You can always do a traditional green garland, but why not dress it up with satin ribbons, lights, pinecones or flowers, metallic berries […]

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Fashion Inspired Accessories

A little red lipstick or a red clutch can turn a so-so look into something beautiful.  A sparkling purse, a colorful bracelet or a gorgeous pair of shoes are the little touches that make an outfit more than just clothes. This same attitude can be applied to designing and decorating our homes.  Accessories inspired by […]

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The Magic of Slipcovers

Do you have furniture you love but want to change its looks to be cohesive with your newly painted walls or new area rug? Slipcovers are a great solution for such a design predicament.  Shabby Chic style brought slipcovers back into style. The white slipcovered furniture that makes up the basis of Shabby Chic style […]

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Blank Slate

Starting from scratch with a blank slate is a luxury many of us don’t have unless we’ve recently moved or are building a new house. Some people might have an extra room that isn’t being used, but most likely an extra space is spoken for in our homes. But imagine if you did have an […]

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Decorating the Country Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It has been said to be the busiest and the most travelled area of the house. For people who have modern houses, they may still want to have traditional or country-styled kitchen and the good news is, it can be done. The great thing […]

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Master Suite Sitting Areas

New home construction and remodels often feature large master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The master bedroom often has more than enough room for the typical bedroom furniture suite. After placing a king size bed, a pair of night stands and a dresser, there is often a great deal of floor space leftover in the […]

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Laundry Room Floors

Previously we’ve talked about laundry rooms being on the move in the house. You can now find laundry rooms upstairs and in closets as well as the more traditional places like the basement.  No matter where the laundry room is in your home, make sure you have the proper flooring for the space.   Laundry […]

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Setting the Stage for Good Design: Room Layout

Creating a welcoming room begins with the furniture arrangement. This living room is a great example of a balanced room layout. It’s easy because the room is essentially a square, which lends itself to a balanced room.  Let’s take a look and see what works in this room, and what could be changed.   First, […]

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Staircase Focal Point

In a two or three story home, the foyer is often dominated by an open staircase. The staircase becomes the focal point of the space. Grand sweeping staircases, straight staircases and turned staircases all have their unique attributes and style. The style of the staircase should reflect the architecture of the home.   A floating […]

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