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Decorating Tips for Using Color

When decorating a room or space, it can be overwhelming to try and decide what colors to use. Find out some useful tips on making selections and putting colors together. Use the 60-30-10 rule. Decorators and designers use this tool all the time. Basically this means one color is the featured color and should make […]

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How To Determine Your Design and Decorating Style – Part 2

Part 2 – Your Own Inspiration Honing your personal style in the design of your home is rather challenging sometimes. Sure, you know what you like in general. But how in the world does one pull it all together to stylishly translate it into home décor? It’s easier than you think! Just follow our guide […]

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Cute DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

We recently posted instructions on how to make a roll away bed for large pets – but what about our smaller friends? If your critters spend most of their time inside, then why not make a cute DIY bed to match your décor?  Sure, you can buy a pet bed at the store but they […]

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Can Emotions Be Colors?

Decorating with colors can be approached with many different techniques when deciding what color schemes and designs you want to use. One unique way to consider what colors to use when decorating or redesigning a room is to use your emotional response to color and let that guide your design. This not only creates an […]

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly called LVT, may not be something that you’ve considered before for your flooring needs but it can be a great option for rooms that are subject to high moisture exposure and lots of foot traffic, such as kitchens or bathrooms because of it’s seamless design and resilient nature. It has many […]

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How To Make DIY Pictorial Light Switch Covers

If you love eye candy in a room, then you won’t be able to resist this project – especially if you enjoy expressing your personal artistic taste. If that sounds like you then plain light switch plate covers are a horror! Fix that problem cheap and easy with this smart project. Supplies: Printed image you […]

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Holiday Table Centerpieces

If you’re holding the big holiday meal this season, you probably have an image in mind of the entire family gathered around a perfectly set and decorated table. But what do you have in mind for your table centerpiece? Centerpieces are often the perfect finishing touch that provides the focal point of the table and […]

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