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Work Out While Doing Household Chores! Part One – Upper Body

Making sure your living space is taken care of through a steady household routine is important and taking care of your body through a physical fitness routine should also be a priority.  The only problem is that while there may be enough time each day to accomplish one of these tasks, there is not always […]

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Virtual Room Designer

Our Virtual Room Designer tool is amazing!  Watch the video below and then go try it for yourself!  Levis 4 Floors Virtual Room Designer – YouTube Design your room with Levi’s 4 Floors Virtual Room Designer. Just upload a picture of your room and select the flooring you would like to see.

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Topiary Planters: Not Just for Gardening

Decorative planters for topiaries are a wonderful item to repurpose and use for other applications, other than planting plants in. Find out how to upcycles these items in a surprising way. First decide if the planters you have are the finish you prefer. If so leave them as is, if not; simply spray paint them […]

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Fun Ways to Add Whimsy to a Garden

Gardening should be fun and relaxing. There are some easy ways to add a bit of whimsy to any garden. Find out how to add a bit of fun to your garden decoration. Use tiered pots to make a vertical herb garden. This is so simple. Get three different sized of terracotta pots, from small […]

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Discover Your Style Quiz

Our website offers an easy and fun quiz to take to find out your particular decorating style. Very rarely are people strictly drawn to one particular style. Typically an individual is drawn to several styles. That can make decorating a challenge. This tool helps pinpoint the style or styles you like and helps make design […]

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An Herb Garden

Herb gardening is a great way to get in touch with your green thumb while also not committing to a full blow garden—plus at the end of it all you have a variety of fresh herbs which come in handy for summer cooking. Another added bonus is herbs can be grown whether you live in […]

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Do You Have a Preference?

Which bathroom would you choose?

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Urban or Natural?

An interesting approach to consider when you are planning a remodel of a room in your home is to think about whether you are a person who is inspired by the outdoors and loves to spend time there.You might feel most at home in an urban setting—whether it is amongst the cosmopolitan skyscrapers or in […]

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Adding Value and Enjoyment To Your Home

Upgrading a house is no small thing and it requires a great deal of consideration. After all, it’s typically really expensive and major changes are hard to reverse if you wind up unhappy. Here are some ideas about ways to make smart changes. Consider your neighborhood. Any home improvements should fit reasonably within the context. […]

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How To Put On False Eyelashes

This may not be a skill you’ll need on a daily basis, but there’s a good possibility that at some point a special occasion will come up that merits some extra flutter and glamour! If you’ve always loved the look of “falsies” but been intimated by the prospect of applying them, here is your chance […]

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