10 Ideas for Decorating a Small Place

Most people will live in a small space at some point in their lives. If you are currently living or moving into a small place, we have ten tips to help you conquer the tiny area with big possibilities. Let us take a look! 


10 Ideas for Decorating a Small Place

  1. Vintage Appeal

If you are moving into an older home or apartment, you may be faced with outdated and brightly colored bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and countertops. We encourage you to let the pastels work towards your advantage. Dress up the bathroom with matching pieces that accent the colors and bring the room full circle. 

  1. New Expressions.

Transform your dull, old furniture into a fresh, new piece with a fresh coat of paint. You can even replace the knobs and handles to make it look more modern. 

  1. Staggered Shelving

Wall shelving is a must in a small space. It provides ample storage without taking away from your valuable floor space. To make your wall shelving unique, you can stagger the shelves. This will help make a more intricate design and provide a space for your artwork and decor pieces. 

  1. Take on Open Storage

Some homeowners will veer away at the thought of open storage because it means all of your belongings are out on display. Instead of skipping this idea, we encourage homeowners in small spaces to take advantage of it. It will encourage you to stay organized while providing an interesting decor to the room. 

  1. Make-Shift Entryway

Most small homes and apartments will not have a designated entryway with built-in displays, but you can easily create one! Making an entryway is simple with these few tips: 

    • Add some hooks to hang your coats and bags. 
    • Include a bench or seating for putting on your shoes. 
    • Finish it off with a mirror and simple decor pieces to make it your own. 
  1. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors are one of the best-kept secrets for a home. If placed correctly, you can angle them to reflect the natural light from the outdoors and brighten up your space. 

  1. In The Clear.

Glass furnishings can be one of your saving graces for a small home. The glass helps make the room look larger and it helps create a stylish finish. 

  1. No Shade

To help make your room look bigger, remove the shades off of your lamps. Letting more light flow throughout the room can open up your space.  

  1. The Magic of a Bookcase

Bookcases are an amazing piece of decor because they are stylish and functional. Adding a bookcase to your living room can provide a place for extra storage. Be sure to dress up your bookcase with decor pieces and essential items to make it worthwhile. 

  1. Smart Storage

Our last pro-tip for you is to angle your furniture against walls then store baskets behind it. This is a simple hack to get more storage out of a small space. 


Are you looking to add coziness to your small space? Try adding a chic, stylish rug in one or all of your rooms. With a wide selection available, we would love to help you choose!

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