Taking Care of Kid’s Clutter

A child’s bedroom or playroom can be one of the most problematic rooms to organize because the room is constantly in use. Once you organized one area of the room, another mess shows up on the other side. With the constant battle on clutter, we have seven solutions to help you fight back and organize like a pro. Let us get started! 


Taking Care of Kid’s Clutter


Tip #1: Color Coded

A color-coded organizational system can come in handy for not only you but also your children. You can purchase different bins/baskets in a variety of colors and each color will represent a different category. For example, red would represent your coloring supplies and blue would represent your stickers. The color coded system can also help younger children learn their colors and differentiate between the categories. 

Tip #2: Hidden Treasures

Treasures boxes or toy bins are a solution best left to the past. They lead to chaos and clutter in a kid’s playroom. Instead of having to dig around for each of the toys, you can divide toys into separate bins. Whether you use the color coded system or a different organizational tactic, we always recommend storing your items in a variety of bins. This will lessen the child’s difficulty in finding their toy. 

Tip #3: Fully Cornered

You are able to purchase cabinets that tuck away in the corners of your room. These cabinets are subtle yet extremely functional for busy parents. They provide you with more space in the room and a beautiful storage option.

Tip #4: Roll-Away.

The space underneath your child’s bed is optimal storage space. The items placed in roll-away bins can be out-of-sight and out-of-mind. This is the perfect storage solution for seasonal clothing or items that your child has outgrown.  

Tip #5: Wall to Wall

Your walls are the perfect place to store items that you do not want your child to reach on its own. Just place a wall shelf high enough that your child cannot reach it. 

Tip #6: Double Duty

Take a look at your child’s toys and try to find the more decorative pieces. After you have found your favorites, you can use some of your child’s toys as the room’s decor. This allows the toy to be multi-purpose by giving it a decorative and functional purpose.

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