Money-Saving Bathroom Updates

Are you looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate your bathroom without breaking the bank? If so, we have eight genius money-saving tips that will have your bathroom looking brand new for a fraction of the price. Let us take a look! 


Money-Saving Bathroom Updates

  1. Add Glitz.

Making your space sparkle and shine does not need to break the bank. You can add glitz and glam with a gorgeous statement mirror above your sink. 

  1. Revamp Your Cabinetry

If your cabinets are looking run-down and worn-out, it may be time to revamp them. With some new paint and hardware, you can make your cabinets look brand new. While painting, be sure to remove all hardware from the door and replace it with a new, updated choice once the paint has dried. 

  1. Get Organized

While you are making some updates and changes to your bathroom, it would not hurt to get some organizing done. Take some time to clean out your medicine cabinet, drawers and linen closet. Afterwards, you can buy some drawer organizers to keep your cabinets clutter-free. 

  1. Brighten It Up.

A beautiful bathroom begins with proper lighting. If you do not allow the right amount of light to flow throughout the space, your bathroom will not live up to its potential. To help you create more light flow, you want to focus on your curtains and light fixtures. 

  • Light Fixtures
  1. Do you have enough lighting?
  2. Are your light fixtures placed in the correct areas of the room?
  3. Do your light fixtures produce a good amount of lighting?
  4. Are your light fixtures visually appealing?
  • Curtains

You want to choose non-bulky, lightweight curtains that are able to be opened and closed at a moment’s notice. 

  • Pro-Tip: Open your curtains during the daytime to let natural light inside of your bathroom. 
  1. Incorporate 5-Star Amenities

You can have all of the feels of being at a five-star resort without necessarily leaving your home. Just place simple amenities around your bathroom like candles, lotion, and body spray. 

  1. Delicate Details.

Antique stores are great places to look for delicate finishing touches for your bathroom walls. If you need a rustic wall shelving or hooks, look at your local antique shop for inspiration. 

  1. Repurpose Unused Furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture that is left unused? Repurpose it into the perfect piece for your bathroom.

  1. Set The Tone

Generally, it is a good idea to stick with neutral tones in your bathroom. The neutral tones help create a relaxing energy and make the room easier for decorating purposes. 


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