How to Use the Same Color Palette in Your Entire Home

Maybe you are in love with a certain color or maybe you appreciate consistency. Whatever your reason may be, you have decided to stick with the same color palette throughout your entire house. Doing so may sound a little difficult. A lot of homeowners concern will be how do you make each room different and it’s own while using the same colors. We are here to help! With our four easy tips, you can use the same color palette and create diversity all in one space. 


How to Use The Same Color Palette in Your Entire Home:

Tip #1: Let The Accent Pieces Pop. 

When choosing a color palette for your entire home, you want to make sure that it is neutral and able to be worked into each room. If you have a neutral palette, that does not mean that you cannot add color later. The pops of color in your space will be found in your decorations and accent pieces. 

Tip #2: Choose Neutral Walls.

To successfully accomplish this look, you will need to choose neutral walls. That being said, you can find a neutral variation of nearly any color. For example, blue can be muted down to a neutral blue that would work well as a wall color. No matter what color you choose, make sure it fits into the rest of the room’s design. 

Tip #3: Inspired by The Earth. 

Earth-tones are a must for a home with the same color palette. It will make the selection process easier and quicker for the homeowner. When in doubt, decorate with an earthy hue. It will complement your neutral walls and pull colors from the outdoors. If you are having difficulties with this concept, take a flower or plant that you enjoy. Use the colors from the plant and begin working it into your space. 

Tip #4: Decorate Then Choose Paint. 

A big mistake that a lot of homeowners make is choosing their paint color first. You always want to choose your paint last. It is easier to choose a paint color that works well with your patterns and fabrics, but it can be difficult to find a fabric that works with your paint. This applies to every room in your home. Trust us, you will thank us later. 


We hope you enjoyed these four tips. For help choosing the perfect flooring, stop by our showroom. We would love to help you select floors that match your color scheme. 

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