Home Security Tips

Almost all homeowners can agree that the security of their home is one of the most important factors to them. We all want our families and loved ones to remain safe in the comfort of our home, but how exactly do make our home secure? Well, we may have the answer. Here are five easy tips for improving your home’s security this spring. 


Home Security Tips: 

Tip One: Have a security system.

You can purchase your system through a security company or buy a system that you set up yourself. The system that you set up yourself usually is functional through WIFI and can be easily set up through the system’s instruction guide. 

Tip Two: Have motion activating exterior lights.

Motion activating lights are one of the best home security tricks for homeowners. Install lights around your house to spot anyone who may be lurking. If you already have lights, check to make sure they are working properly. Replace any old light bulbs and reposition them in case they have shifted. 

Tip Three: Have your mail held by the post office.

If you are planning a trip, make sure to get your mail held by the postal office. If you have mailbox overflowing with mail, people may become aware that you are out of town. You can have your mail held by going into your local post office and filling out a form. 

Tip Four: Have lamps/lights on timers. 

If you have lamps or lights that are seen from the street, set them on random timers. Have some of the lights turn on and off throughout the night to throw off lurkers. 

Tip Five: Have a quiet mouth. 

It is really difficult for homeowners to keep quiet about their vacation plans on social media, but it is important for you and your family to wait to share information or post pictures until after your trip. You never know who is watching your social media pages and it is better to be safe than sorry. 


Do you have any security tips for other readers? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Always remember to stay safe! 

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