Creative House Numbers

Whether it is your guests or passing neighbors, your house numbers can make an impact on everyone. Think about it, while searching for the correct home, you will certainly be looking out for the home’s numbers. Creating a chic display can make your home stand out and add a tremendous amount of curb appeal. If you are looking for new ways to display your house numbers, you have come to the right place! Here are our top five suggestions for creative house numbers: 


1. Flower Pot. This calls for a great do-it-yourself project! Grab a flower pot and get painting! With some fun colors and shapes, you can make a fun statement with your front yard. Make sure to place the flower pot close to the street for guests to observe and see the numbers more closely. 

2. Window Box Planter. Does your home have amazing windows that you want to draw attention to? Adding your house numbers onto of a window box planter will do just the trick! All you need is some iron numbers and a drill to create this timeless look. 

3. Tree. If you have a big tree in your front yard, think about adding house numbers to the front of it for a unique, rustic look. Make sure to buy house numbers that can withstand all temperatures and forecasts to ensure they will look great year-round. 

4. Front Door. If you are looking to update your front door, why not add house numbers into the glass? Your house numbers can be tastefully etched into the glass door to create a charming, delicate look. 

5. Large Numbers. Most homeowners settle for small, delicate house numbers on their home’s exterior, but if you have a small set of numbers we encourage buying “large and in charge” house numbers. This look is perfect for small sets of numbers like 1-20.


Take pride in your home’s exterior by updating your home’s numbers. You may even inspire some of your neighbors to add a unique pair of house numbers. For more home advice, check our blogs out weekly and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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