Maintaining Your Deck

Decks are the perfect place for long summer nights, outdoor entertainment, and family barbecues. Since your deck is always in use, it is important to take great care of it. Knowing the proper ways to clean and care for your deck can extend its overall lifespan. 


Tips for maintaining your deck:

  • Reseal your wooden deck every 3-4 years. Look for a durable resealing product that will save you time and money. 

Note: Only sand your wooden deck before resealing if it has experienced extreme wear and tear. If you decide to sand your deck, you will need to apply triple the amount of regular stain and sealer after sanding. 

  • Sweep up any dirt and debris. You should regularly sweep your deck to prevent any damage caused by mold, mildew or stains.
  • Wash your deck often, but not too often. A good rule of thumb is to wash only when there is something to wash off the deck. If your deck has visible dirt then it is the appropriate time to wash your deck. 
  • Move furniture around once a year. Moisture tends to get stuck beneath furniture and rearranging your deck furniture will help prevent future mold/mildew build-up.
  • Take a look at the health of your deck. It is important to check annually for stress points, split wood, and elevated nails in your wooden deck. It is better to be safe than sorry. Fix these areas as soon as possible to prevent future damage or potential injuries. 
  • Place potted plants on saucers. Letting moisture sit on your deck is a big no, no. Protect your deck by placing your potted plants on top of saucers. Plant water tends to contain minerals that can be left behind when the water evaporates. These mineral build-ups can lead to unwanted mold and stains in your deck. Avoid stains and molds by simply placing your potted plants on a saucer.


Now, you can be assured that your deck will have the proper care and treatment it deserves. Time to celebrate with an outdoor party on your well-kept deck. 

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