Laundry Room Upgrades

Upgrading your current laundry room is an easier task than you may think. With some DIY love and patience, you can add charm and purpose into your once hated room. Depending on your laundry room’s size, you can add as little or as much as you want to into this space. Here are seven things you can add to your laundry room: 


1. Ironing Board

An ironing board can save your life when you have last minute ironing emergencies. You can even attach it to the wall to help clear space when it is not in use. 

2. Folding Area

A designated area for folding your clothing is essential for happy laundry room habits. If you do not have extra counter space, try incorporating a side table. You only need just enough room to place your clean clothing on it for folding. 

3. A Sink

A sink can really come in handy when you are doing laundry. From soaking stained clothing to washing your hands, you will not regret installing a sink into this space. Just make sure to purchase a large enough basin for your laundry room.  

4. Shelving System.

Shelves are extremely useful for households that have a lot of family members. They provide useful storage for all your laundry room essentials and you can give each of your family members an assigned shelf.

5. Clothing Rack.

If you are known for doing all your wash in one day, you understand the usefulness of extra clothing racks. Install an upper and lower rack in your laundry room for maximum storage. 

 6. Baskets & Hampers.

Baskets, bins, and hampers are perfect for sorting and assigning a family member their own. Get stylish baskets that match your new laundry room’s style and incorporate them into the design. 

7. Delightful Decor

Finish your laundry room off with beautiful pictures and lighting. Some new paint can really add to the laundry room’s beauty. Try out some fun colors that you are too nervous to try out in other rooms. 


If you are interested in upgrading your flooring, we are here to help! We have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer all your questions. Call or visit us for more information.

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