How to Throw an Amazing Party

You always host the best parties. What is your secret? Everyone is always captivated by your amazing grace and elegance while you never look stressed. The truth? You read this article and have no fears when it comes to hosting a celebration. The secret is out and you are ready to share it with all of your friends:


1. Have a plan. This seems obvious, but you know as well any host that the most important part is being prepared. 

a. Decide on a theme for the evening. Themes get your guests involved and even give them the opportunity to dress up. 

b. Make a list and check it twice:

    • Guest list. Who will you be inviting this year? 
    • Seating arrangement. Sometimes, a lot of thought needs to go into who will be sitting next to whom. Place an outgoing, talkative friend at each end of the table to keep your guests engaged. 
    • Decorations. Know what decorations you want to buy and keep to a reasonable budget.
    • Menu. Serve appetizers and finger food to keep conservation flowing.
    • Schedule. Make a plan of how you want the night to go, what time you want food to be brought out and what time you want things to begin wrapping up.

2. Clean the house. It is important to clean areas that guests will be and less important to focus on areas that they will not enter during the party. Decipher by making a list of areas you need to clean. For example, be sure to clean the bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room. Determine where you are putting guests’ belongings and make sure that room is tidy as well. 

3. Finalize food. Guests usually will have different food preferences from one another. Offering them a buffet of different types of food or appetizers allows them to choose for themselves. They will feel less obligated to take food they do not prefer and food will not go to waste on their plate. 

4. Be interactive. There may be a lull and things may get silent, but that is when you come in and interact. Make sure everyone is doing fine and that conversations are flowing. Introduce people who may have things in common with one another. 


Remember that you are the hostess! The party goes well if you feel relaxed and at ease. Do not sweat the small stuff, but be engaged.  

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