Essential Elements to a Mudroom

The mudroom is your home’s first line of defense against the dirt and grime from the outdoors. This is a high traffic area that needs to withstand everyday wear and tear while still giving guests a good first impression upon entering your living space. Here are a few tips for keeping this essential area of your home clean and functional.


To be sure that you are creating a space that accommodates your needs, think about what happens when you enter the room. A mudroom must be able to handle dirt, moisture, salt, and even mud.  The best materials to handle this type of abuse are LVT, laminate, and tile.  Make sure to keep up with the required maintenance of these floor types!

The first piece that needs to be placed inside is an indoor/outdoor rug.  No matter what kind of footwear your floors encounter, you can protect them from the worst of it with the proper area rug.  Try one with a rubber backing that will prevent leaks onto the floor from melting snow, rain or dripping wet bathing suits.  It will also help absorb easily falling dirt and debris.


Be sure to place a shoe tray near the rug so anyone entering the mudroom can remove their footwear before they even step off the carpet.  A durable one made of tough plastic with a surrounding lip will keep messy shoes right where you want them. An umbrella stand nearby is also a good idea to prevent dangerous pools of water from developing in the middle of the floor. 


A place to hang up coats, towels and other outerwear is next on your list.  You may have an entryway closet which can immediately solve this issue, but if not, there are a few options for creating a hanging space.  You can install hooks at assorted heights on the wall, mount a tall shelf and attach hooks below it or you can install a coat rack/bench combination. This type of unit will allow you to hang things without damaging your walls and provide you with storage space below or beside the bench area. No matter which method you choose, it will keep everything organized where you and your guests can see it.


Finally, be sure you have proper lighting in the room. You and your guests may be coming in from a sunny day or in the dark of night. Be sure you can see what you’re doing to prevent falls from happening.


By implementing these tips, you will have the best chance at keeping a clean and functional mudroom. Now come inside and relax!


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