BBQ Tips and Tricks

Spring has sprung and barbecue season is in full force. Barbecues are perfect for get-togethers and family dinner nights. Compliment your next barbecue this season with our delicious tips and tricks. 


Barbecue Tips & Tricks:

  • Spice it up. Literally, we mean add spices and herbs to your barbecued meals. This is a delicious take on any traditional barbecue meal from vegetable kebabs to grilled chicken. 
    • Pro-tip: Create your own herb brush to delicately marinate your meat and vegetables. The idea of a herb brush is that you are taking your herbs and tying the together to form a brush-like shape. In order to create an herb brush, you will need to take the stems (make sure that they have grown to at least six inches) and tie them together with a twine. The base of your herb brush can be a plant like rosemary, sage, oregano or bay. After you have created your base, you can add in other herbs that are more fragile like mint or cilantro. You will just take your herb brush and dip into your marinade to apply the sauce to your food. 
  • Think of all the possibilities. When you think of barbecues, your mind probably goes straight to the classics like steak, chicken, hot dogs or burgers, but barbecuing does not stop there! Try slicing up some sweet potatoes in a french fry shape and grilling them up or making your own cilantro fajita tacos on the grill. 
  • Go additive-free. If you use charcoal, it is important to buy additive-free lump charcoal rather than regular charcoal. Staying healthy is always important to us and choosing additive-free charcoal can any eliminate potential dangers posed by regular charcoal. 
  • Get saucy. Pairing your barbecued food with a delicious dipping sauce can really set the tone for your meal. Try making a zesty lemon or spicy mango sauce to add a flavorful kick to your next meal. We promise that the sauces you make can really complete your meal with the perfect finishing flavor. 
  • Get jamming. Throw on your favorite music while grilling to amplify your barbecue mood and set the tone for the evening. There is nothing like barbecuing on a warm night while listening to your favorite song, go ahead, just imagine it.


When in doubt, cook it out. Barbecuing can be a great stress reliever and guarantees a well-deserved treat at the end. 

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