Easy Kitchen Updates

The kitchen: the place where you eat, cook, entertain, laugh, and create. Kitchens are significant rooms in our households because so many things take place there. Updating your kitchen does not need to be an intimidating task. You can update your kitchen with less stress than you might imagine. 


What to update:

  1. Paint your cabinets.

Painting your cabinets will change the entire look of your kitchen and it can be inexpensive. 

    • Want to try something different? Paint the cabinet doors one color and the inside of the cabinet another. 
    • After you paint your cabinets, replace its handles/knobs. This will help complete the overall look.
    • If you have ever seen Monica and Rachel’s apartment on “Friends,” you have seen the popular look of removing cabinet doors. This trend has come back full-force. You can easily remove your cabinet doors and create an open feel in your kitchen. 


2.    Switch up your lighting. 

There are several energy efficient lights on the market and they tend to be very stylish. Consider changing your room’s lighting and electric bill with this simple update. 


3.    Incorporate extra counter space.

If your room allows, think about adding extra counter space. Take a look at your floor plan and determine what would be appropriate for your kitchen.

    • Islands are always a nice feature. You can buy yourself a tall table-like island from the store to keep the costs down.


4.     Invest in new flooring.

Bad flooring can be a bit of an eyesore. Updating your flooring will make a world of differences. The best part is that there is a variety of different flooring to choose from. You will never be left unimpressed. 


5.    Switch out your sink faucet. 


6.    Update your appliances. 

Take time to save your money and eventually update your kitchen’s appliances. Updating your appliances will add the finishing touch to your kitchen. 


7.    Change up the decor. 

Now is a great time to buy new decorations for your kitchen. For your decor, you can pull colors used in your cabinets, appliances, etc.  Decorating will be the final and most fun step. 


A kitchen can be one of the greatest investments you can make for your home. A kitchen will add value to your house which can be important if you are ever looking to resell. After this, your kitchen will be the talk around town just from these simple updates. Enjoy the updating process and make it your own. 

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