Bathroom Finishing Touches

After renovating a bathroom there are some finishing touches you should add. These finishing’s make your space feel lived in and welcoming. Find out what to add to your newly renovated space, to make it comfortable for guest use.

Purchase a thick pile bath mat. This way guest will feel comfortable when stepping out of the shower. Use all white for your mat and towels.

Good quality hand towels are a must! If the bathroom has a shower or a tub, buy extra-large towels, so that guests can completely wrap up after bathing. Egyptian cotton towels are the most luxurious kind. Guest will love the spa like feel.

It is a nice touch to add luxury hand soap. Spring for the liquid soap and avoid the bar. Soap bars show their age. A liquid pump looks nicer and is easy to use. Place mouthwash in a crystal decanter on the counter. Guest can easily freshen up and it looks fabulous!

Shower curtains look best when they have a liner. It gives it a fuller look and it is not as transparent. Always use a liner behind a shower curtain. If there are high ceilings, consider hanging drapery panels high to act as the shower curtain. Make sure to use a liner on the back of the curtains as well. If you decide to use drapery panels, it looks best to have them split down the middle. This will transform the bathroom. It will look like a dressing space, and not like a typical bathroom.

Make sure all toiletries are hidden from eyesight. They can be placed in a medicine cabinet or inside of decorative boxes. Keep them accessible, but find a way to keep them organized and hidden away. The only toiletries that should be visible are the luxurious hand soap and lotion.

Pleasant scents are important. Keep the pleasing smell constant by using a scented oil diffuser.

Finishing touches will make your space an enjoyable place to wash up. 

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