Work Out While Doing Household Chores! Part Three – Full-Body

In Parts One and Two of our series, we discussed household tasks that focus either on the Upper Body or Lower Body.  For Part Three we will be talking about chores that focus on your whole body simultaneously for a more intense full-body workout.


Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping

Since there is always a rug that needs vacuuming and a floor that needs sweeping or mopping, you are guaranteed to need to use these cleaning devices at a minimum of once a week. Make it worth your time! As you do these tasks you are engaging your arms, abs, back, legs and glutes all at the same time. While vacuuming, maintain a neutral posture as you make your way around the room and keep abdominal muscles engaged to work your core.  As you use your arm to push the machine forward, incorporate a shallow lunge at the same time by lowering the leg that is on the same side that you are gripping the vacuum with. Be careful not to reach too low to the ground or you will drop the vacuum! Alternate arms to evenly work both sides of your body.


For sweeping and mopping, keep weight evenly distributed on both legs and make broad strokes as you circulate around the room to bring some focus to your arms. Keep abdominal muscles engaged and your back straight as you clean the space.  To pick up remaining dirt on the floor, use a sumo squat position to make room for a dustpan or damp rag to pick it up. You can do so by taking a wide stance and placing your feet at a 45-degree angle. Keeping your upper body erect bend your knees until they have reached a 90-degree angle.  Pick up the mess and come on up!


Cleaning the Bathroom

Let’s face it. Cleaning the bathroom is probably the least enjoyable household chore hands down.  This is where people clean themselves up, so where does all the dirt end up? In the bathroom!  It’s on the floor, in the tub and coating the toilet and sink. It’s essential to keep your powder room clean, so you might as well get a full body workout while you’re in there.  While cleaning the mirror and sink, alternate your arms and use a circular motion at 10-12 repetitions per arm to wipe them clean.  While your arms are busy, plant your feet hip-width apart and do calf raises between strokes, holding for three seconds each time.  Use your time cleaning the toilet and shower stall to do some squats.  Stand with feet hip-width apart and working your way from top to bottom with your cleaner, squat after 10-12 circular strokes of your arm.  Alternate arms as you go along. For a bonus, do some calf raises while reaching up high in the shower stall. For the floor, use a cushion for your knees and a rag for your hands. Keep knees four to six inches apart and keep your abdominal muscles tight as you use both hands to push the rag forward until your body is parallel to the ground and pull it slowly back towards your knees.


We hope you enjoyed our household chore workout series! Check back for more household tips for your busy lifestyle!

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