Work Out While Doing Household Chores! Part Two – Lower Body

In Part One of our series, we discussed some household tasks that focus more on Upper Body Strength.  In Part Two we will be putting the focus on your Lower Body. 


Before you can get started with cleaning the floors, countertops and other furniture throughout your home, you usually must walk through and put things back where they belong.  This is a great opportunity to incorporate squats, lunges, calf raises and step-ups into your routine. 



For items on the floor, reach down while keeping a neutral posture.  Be sure that you transfer weight back towards your heels so you prevent yourself from bending your knees past the front of your feet.  You can also do a sumo squat, which requires you to place your feet facing out at a 45-degree angle. The same rules apply for keeping your weight in your heels to prevent an injury to your knees.


Calf Raises

For items on countertops and other waist-level furniture surfaces, stand straight with your tailbone tucked in and your feet hip-width apart.  Raise your item and your heels simultaneously.  Hold for three seconds and lower heels back down.  Repeat with all your items.  Your calves will be burning in just a few minutes!


Walking Lunges

To keep things moving in between all those squats and calf raises do some walking lunges as you put everything away.  Stand with your feet hip-width apart with both hands holding the item in front of you to maintain balance.  Keep your back straight and step forward with one leg, lowering it until you have reached a 90-degree angle. The knee on your back leg should be just above the ground.  Lift your forward bent knee up and repeat with the opposite leg. 



Keep on going as you put the items in their rightful place.  If the item goes in a lower drawer, get going on your squats! If you are staying at waist-level, let’s see those calves! Finally, if the item needs to go up somewhere high, get a small stool and do some step-ups!  Keeping your posture neutral, place one foot on the stool and press your weight back towards your heel as you pull your body upwards.  Return to the floor by stepping down with the same foot you first stepped up with. Repeat the movement for the opposite foot.  


We hope you enjoyed Part Two of our series. Check back for our final installment where we will be discussing chores that give you a full body workout!

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