Add Some Color to Your Home!

Life without color would be boring! The colors you choose to go together in a room can complete the overall look. Mixing and matching different colors can be easier than you think. We have put together stylish color trends that you can use in your space: 


1. Add a pop of color

A popular trend is to add a pop of color throughout a neutral-toned room. 

The Pantone Color Institute has officially named “Greenery” as 2017’s Color of the Year. They stated “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” This color is not necessarily meant just for your walls; you can use “Greenery” as a pop of color in any room.

Do not stop there, bright colors are great for adding a pop of color to your space. Surround the bright color with subtle color tones and everyone’s eyes will draw to the statement pieces.  


2. Build off of the same color. 

Neutral colors are great for a monochromatic color schemes. This is where you use the same color is different values all over the room. This color scheme will give your room depth and warmth. 


3. Use a statement wall. 

This wall can be painted, tiled, or decorated with colorful items to draw people’s eyes to it. Consider painting the wall with an interesting design. If you go the painted design route, think about your different options to help you achieve the look. Stripes can be accomplished with a measuring tape and some painter’s tape. You also have various stencil options to choose from. 

Keep in mind: statement walls can be any wall in your home. Let your creativity drive this decision. 


4. Decorate with Pastels. 

Pastels have become a major trend for homes lately. Pastels are not obnoxiously bright, but they add subtle color to any room. Whether it is your kitchen appliances or living room decorations, pastels can be worked into any room’s interior design. 

Whatever color scheme you decide on, remember to add your creativity and personality to the space.

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