The Lifestyle Quiz

Searching for the right type of flooring to install in your home? There are many flooring options on the market. Therefore, determining which one is best for your lifestyle can be difficult. While you love the look of hardwood floors would your home be best suited for laminate flooring? How can you make the appropriate decision?


We have a free online tool that can assist you in determining what type of flooring textures you should utilize in your home. This powerful tool is an in-depth quiz that generates interior selections, finishes and a host of other suggestions. Once the quiz is completed, in whole, you’ll receive tips on how to achieve a balanced home life through your interior design selections.


How exactly does it work? You’ll be prompted with a series of questions regarding your lifestyle. These questions will cover your daily activities, interests and the individuals living in the household and what their specific needs. These questions can help determine what type of interior materials will be durable for your home.


Why use the quiz? By determining your needs, the quiz can help you formulate a plan. Whether you’re set on turning a spare bedroom into an office or building a small gym this tool can provide you with a blueprint. Yes, the Lifestyle quiz can provide detailed suggestions. We believe that a home should reflect the family as well as fit the needs of all individuals within the household.


Are you ready to take the Lifestyle quiz? Visit our website today!

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