Add Drama to Your Home Part 2

When designing the decor of a home, we often give much attention to the furnishings and the wall colors. But what about the ceiling? Homeowners, often ignored this space because they believe that it should quietly blend into a room’s surrounding. The color and design of your ceiling are vital to your home’s overall style? You can add drama to the ceilings through color, molding, and additional elements.



You can start off by playing with different lighting schemes. Ceiling lights can emphasize the existing elements of a room. Fluorescent lighting can bring out the green and blue tones of a room. On the other hand,  an incandescent lighting scheme tends to bring out the warmer colors. If you install a dimmer switch, you can alter the mood of the room.


Paint Color

If you are working within a small budget, you should consider only painting the ceiling a different color. Avoid using neutral colors if you are looking to achieve a dramatic look. Ceilings with lighter shades instantly attract the eye. While dark, deep colors bring more attention to the furnishings by bringing the eye downward. For instance, an orange colored ceiling paired with neutral colored furniture can brighten a room. Yellow colored ceilings make a room lively. Black is a bold statement that requires elegant furniture and accessories. Explore faux finishes of leather or plastic if you want to go big.


Architectural Designs

Adding architectural design elements sounds harder than it is. However, you can add elements by using a variety of simple techniques. Nail pressed tin panel strips into an existing ceiling. Reflective tin instantly adds drama without overtopping. Also, to enhance the appearance of your ceiling you can have a professional install a coffered ceiling by attaching molded beam to the ceiling to form a grid pattern. 

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