Add Drama to Your Home

You can emphasize a room’s color palette or create some drama with your home’s decor by just selecting the right accessories and furniture. Yes, both of these elements can make or break a room’s appearance. 


When selecting bold accessories for your room, it’s best to visit a variety of different stores and outlets. Thrift stores have a unique collection of items that you more than likely won’t find anywhere else. You can find vintage home decor pieces at a secondhand store, revamp it and incorporate it into your design scheme. What type of accessories should you explore when aiming for a dramatic look?


–       Gold accessories can instantly add a sense of glam. For instance, an all gold lamp can quickly add style to your living room.

–       Chrome figurines or silverware attracts the eye especially in a room where most of the furnishings are dark.


Trying picking a particular area in a room that you want to dramatize. For instance, if it’s the living room you might choose to highlight the fireplace. You can do so by hanging a large, extravagant painting over the area. For lighting, you can consider adding wall sconces. The fixtures will be a talking piece for your guests


What about when it comes to furniture? You can add drama to a room’s decor by selecting furniture with a color. A big black couch or an all white sofa creates a focal point.

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