Using the Virtual Room Designer

Whether it’s your home office or the kitchen, it’s important to make every space in your home as beautiful as possible. If you’re ready to start decorating that forgotten space, it’s best to start off with some inspiration. Start off by finding a photo of an existing room that you’re interested in recreating. The Virtual Room Designer is an online tool that can be used to help you recreate a particular design style.


Use the Virtual Room Designer tool to upload a photo of your room and a picture of the room that you’re using for inspiration. Once both images are uploaded, it can take up to three business days to use the Virtual Design Center. You’ll receive a notification email once your photo is ready for use in the design center.


The Virtual Design Center is a great tool to use because it allows you to make the pictures you upload interactive. You’ll be able to outfit a room in different paint colors and floor finishes. If you’ve always wanted to see how a room would look with gray walls and hardwood floors, this tool will enable you to do so. You can switch out cabinetry and other features through the design center. Also, you can make your room identical to the inspiration photo.


Whether you need to make minor updates or major renovations through the Virtual Room Designer, you’ll be able to see just how those updates can improve the look of the room. Yes, our software is a great tool to use when taking on any home improvement project.

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