Insightful Interior Design – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our Insightful Interior Design series.  In Part One we discussed the importance of preparation.  Having as much information as possible prior to purchasing materials puts you in the best position to stay on schedule, remain within budget and preserve the integrity of your design.  In our second post, we are going to offer some easy ways to best show off your space.


Choose Quality Over Trendy

When it comes to the larger pieces being used in the room, choose quality items that are well-made and versatile.  Trends change constantly and it may be tempting to go out and purchase the next big thing, but having to replace these items when they become outdated will end up costing more in the long run.  If there is a trend you enjoy, express that through the accessories you use in the space.


Keep Your Pieces in Proportion

Proportion and scale are an important part of making sure your design flows.  Space large and small pieces together for a more even look.  Separating them will only make the design look lopsided.  A room should also have easily accessible walking space so be mindful of overcrowding it with too much furniture.  If need be, remove a few pieces to keep the space functional.  Consider the shapes of the furnishings.  If the predominant shape is circular, sprinkle some more circular items throughout the room.  Do this just enough to tie them together, but don’t go overboard.  You want to show intention without looking like you tried to hard. 


Proper Layering is Key

Proper layering of a room is essential for bringing the look together.  The correct amount of color, shape and texture will bring effortless warmth to your space.  Start simple, with accent pillows or a luxurious throw blanket.  If you have a larger room, go for a larger pattern while a smaller one works best for a smaller space.  With every detail, think of what can bring out the personality of the design.  Can the drapes be made from a thicker, more decadent material?  Will a bold wall color accent the furniture?  Is there a special piece that can be showcased in the room?  Make what you have work for you.  Layer slowly and with purpose.  Step back and assess the room often to be sure you’ve achieved the right balance.


Check back in with us for Part Three of our Insightful Interior Design series!


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