Insightful Interior Design – Part One

If you are currently working on a new design for your home’s interior, chances are you are trying to find out some insider tips to help you get started on your project.  Many individuals decide not to work with a professional, so we are here to help you with some suggestions about how to make your home look like you had the help of an interior designer without having to seek one out!



As excited as you may be to get started on your home renovations, keep in mind that having a plan is the best weapon in your arsenal.  Knowing what you want will prevent frustration and delays that may arise from “winging it”.  By not taking the time to think about the results, your space will end up looking thrown together and any intention you may have wanted to showcase through your design will be lost. 



To get started with your planning, choose a way to brainstorm your ideas so you can experiment with different looks prior to purchasing materials.  You can do this through using a large pin board, with magazine cutouts, idea lists or printouts from our room designing program.  Take measurements of the space or spaces you are working with.  Our Virtual Room Designer program allows you to upload a picture of your space and visualize the room with new décor. 



Decide what is staying and what is going.  Updating a room doesn’t necessitate getting rid of everything in it just to make it look new.  Keep a list of the pieces you want to stay in your layout and what pieces you want to replace, remove or add.  When you have a proper inventory of all the room’s items, it may shed light on how many things you may have allowed to pile up in the space.  Doing this prep work ahead of time will help keep your design looking clean and functional. It will also assist in determining what color scheme will work best with the pieces you choose to keep and purchase.



Finally, keep in mind the function of each room you are renovating.  There are a lot of creative ideas out there and it’s good to try things that may be out of your comfort zone, but do not forget to keep the purpose of the space foremost in your mind when making design decisions.  Remember to let your individuality shine through while making sure your new arrangement still provides its proper use.


Be sure to check back for Part Two of our Insightful Interior Design series.

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