The Lifestyle Quiz: Your Key to a Custom Home Design

When you are trying to update the look of your home, sometimes it can be difficult to find a starting point.  You may have some general ideas but want to be sure that you aren’t forgetting about any new materials out there that would help complete your design.  Updates in any part of your home should reflect your lifestyle and accommodate every person and/or pet living within while also adding value to it in the event you want to sell in the future.  This may require some interior design know-how and we’re here to help with that by inviting you to take our Lifestyle Quiz.


This helpful tool is available on our website and covers any design information you require.  Once you answer questions about your lifestyle needs, the quiz will give results that contain useful suggestions about furniture selections, finishes, color palettes and more.  No matter what area of the house you are working with, this tool will help provide the right balance to your living space.


The key to achieving the best results is being as specific with your answers as possible.  Be sure to include descriptions of your daily activities, how many people are being accommodated in the home and if there are any pets present.  All of these things will have an influence on what materials are suggested to you to ensure that you do not end up installing something that cannot stand up to the foot traffic or frequent use of certain items in your home.  Information on your pets is essential as some flooring can dent or scratch from their nails. 


If you or any one of your home’s occupants has a particular hobby that needs a dedicated space in the house, remember to add that to the information you provide in the quiz.  This tool will be able to provide you with not only the correct placement of the furniture in your home but also give you suggestions on items that can be used to accommodate hobbies within the home’s current design.  The more data you enter into the quiz, the more seamless the designs will be.  Arrangements you may not have previously entertained before, can be brought to life on your computer screen.  There’s no better way to be sure about your choices than a completed visual. 


Visit our website today to get started on your Lifestyle Quiz!

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