Transforming a Bedroom For Winter


With the cooler temperatures approaching, it is beneficial to make a few changes to the bedroom. After a long day of working and commuting, there is no better way to unwind than to relax in a cozy bedroom. Read on for easy tips that will transform your bedroom into a warm sanctuary!

Warm up the bed:

Do so by changing out the bedding. Opt for warmer sheets. Flannel is an excellent choice. If you have storage for your current comforter, consider getting a seasonal one for winter. Pick a comforter that is thicker and heavier than a cool summer blanket. If you do not want to change out the comforter, simply add a folded throw or soft blanket to the foot of the bed. An extra blanket is easy to lay over an existing comforter. This will help hold the body heat inside the bedding. Have a little fun and use this opportunity to add some fun faux fur pillows!

Warm Up Your Space:

If the floors are hardwood or tile, getting a cozy rug will add immediate warmth. Select a rug that has a thicker pile, so that your feet will be warm when they hit the ground; instead of shockingly cold floors. For extra comfort in the space get a thick carpet pad, that will make the rug even more comfortable to walk on.

Warm Up Lighting:

Change bulbs out for a warmer colored bulb. Warm yellow tinted bulbs will add instant warmth to any bedroom. Cool colored bulbs should be saved for the summer months.

Warm Up Windows:

To hold heat in, replace blinds and sheer curtains with thicker draperies. This will help hold the warm air in. Draperies also add a sense of privacy. When you close them it is like closing out the world and the nasty winter weather. Thus enjoying your own private, cozy sanctuary.

Make the most out of winter and treat yourself to a warm comfortable space, you can relax in!

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