Too Many Choices? Let the Discover Your Style Quiz Narrow it Down!

Are you looking to decorate your home but have too many style ideas running through your mind?  Then the Discover Your Style Quiz is for you!  A person is not drawn to just one style, but many.  Through visiting friends and family and traveling the world we are exposed to many different arrangements of colors, furniture design and architecture.  While all these things can be enjoyed for what they are, trying to implement them in your own decor can be a little challenging.  Some design choices are going to clash with others.  Colors that may be prominent in one geographic area may be too showy when you try to integrate it into your living space.  Taking our quick quiz will help you pare down the numerous concepts you are wanting to bring to life and pinpoint the ones that will work the best together. 


This tool is equipped with information for the interior and exterior of your home.  By providing precise answers to our provided questions, you will receive results on furniture style and placement, complementary color patterns, proper lighting and flattering floor materials.  Once you have all the information you need for the basic foundation of your design this tool then gives recommendations on the best accessories to accentuate these features.  It only takes a few minutes to complete.


The quiz results will give you a better understanding of interior design tricks and allow you to set the proper tone in your home without causing clutter and disorder.  This tool will make it possible to pull in influences from places you may have traveled and teach you how to properly implement them into your home design.  Any style you love can be beautifully showcased in your home with proper arrangement and lighting styles.  Let our quiz results be your guide. 


Take the Discover Your Style Quiz today to unlock your home’s potential.  It’s guaranteed to teach you how to bring your best ideas to life and make your home as personalized as possible.  Your guests will think you had a designer come to your home!  We promise we won’t tell…

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