Pet Guard Plus!


While our pets bring so much joy to our lives, it’s those moments when accidents occur that we are reminded of how tough it is being a pet parent. Levi 4 Floor Pet Guard Plus is the perfect solution to extend the life of your flooring by keeping it good condition.


Levi 4 Floor Pet Guard Plus is an exclusive service installation package.  The package is accompanied with several beneficial features. Customers will receive a free initial spot and stain cleaning. In addition, a lifetime warranty on flooring and hypoallergenic moisture barrier pads all of which is free of charge. There is no charge for a reasonable amount of moving furniture and stair service during the installation. This exclusive package applies to laminate, carpet and hardwood.


Animal urine and defecation contain scent chemicals that can linger long afterwards. As a result, they naturally return to that specific area otherwise known as a scent post. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly clean up accidents in a timely manner.  Removing pet stains is relatively easy.  Be sure to blot away excess stains from your carpet or hardwood floors.


Using the appropriate cleaning agent on the stained surface is important so as to prevent lingering smells and further accidents in the same spot. Apply the cleaning sparingly initially to ensure that it doesn’t cause discoloration.  Clean thoroughly, working your way from the outer edges to the inward surface to avoid spreading the stain. Next, rinse the area with cold, clean water and blot the wet spot with a paper towel to effectively remove leftover cleaning agent.


Yes, keep your floors looking brand new by following these cleaning instructions. Pet Guard Plus can provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your flooring last for many years.


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