Helpful Uses for Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is not just to be used strictly for baking. It can come in handy for all sorts of uses around the house. Find out how to put this simple tool to use!

Squeaky doors no more. Spray a healthy amount of cooking spray to squeaky hinges, on both sides of the door. Wipe away the excess with a clean paper towel. This will rid any door for squeaking for quite some time.

Use cooking spray to grease bicycle chains. This can be done in seconds. Again you will want to wipe away the excess spray, because it will drip for sure.

For tricky key holes, where the key often becomes stuck, spray little cooking spray into the lock itself. This will help lubricate the inside of the lock so that the key and lock can work together. No longer worry about breaking the key off inside a tricky lock.

When making homemade frozen pops, especially the thicker, smoothie type of pops, spray the inside of the Popsicle molds with cooking spray. Once you are ready to remove the popsicles from the molds, they will simply slide right out.

Wind burn and extra dry skin can benefit from the moisturizing ability of cooking spray. Spray the dry areas where skin is becoming irritated or cracked and softly rub the spray oil into the skin. Instant moisture and relief will be provided to the area. It is best to apply the spray after bathing. Cooking spray can also provide relief and faster healing of diaper rash. Again make sure to apply this to baby’s bottom after bathing.

Remove paint from your hands without using paint thinner or acetone. Spray your hands or body where there is paint, rub in and then wash away paint with soap and water.

Dry freshly painted nails in a pinch. If nails are still wet and you can’t wait any longer, apply cooking spray directly onto wet nails and will help them dry much faster. Wipe the excess oil off your hands with a clean dry towel.

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