Topiary Planters: Not Just for Gardening

Decorative planters for topiaries are a wonderful item to repurpose and use for other applications, other than planting plants in. Find out how to upcycles these items in a surprising way.

First decide if the planters you have are the finish you prefer. If so leave them as is, if not; simply spray paint them with the desired finish for the space you intend to use them in.

The taller topiary planters are great for housing kitchen supplies, like spatulas, spoons and whisks. The natural stone planters are a fun match for natural stone countertops. Thoroughly wash them out. Place the planter on top of a wooden cutting board or a piece of felt that is an appropriate for the size for the base to sit on. This protects countertops made of granite or marble. This makes it easy to grab utensil while cooking, because they are right on the counter and you can see the tools clearly. Place the planter next to the stove top for ease of cooking.

Tall planters are also a great place to keep hair styling tools. They can be kept right on the bathroom vanity and basically hide hair straighteners, curling irons, brushes and combs. Stone planters are good for this application when placing a hot flat or curling iron in, after use. Make sure to not place any other item inside until the hot tool has completely cooled down.

Shorter topiary planters make wonderful and decorative water bowls for dogs. For this application it is helpful to find an elevated planter that has a wide, rounded bowl for the planter. Simply measure the diameter of the planter and look for a metal dish that can be placed right inside the planter. This is a really good idea for larger dogs. Make sure the dog can reach the height of the bowl easily. These are perfect for outdoor water dishes. The stone planters work best because they cannot be easily tipped over.

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