How to Decorate a Girl’s Nursery

What you want to remember when decorating any nursery is that it should be a calming place for a baby. Find out how to create a peaceful sanctuary for any baby girl.

Use calm and muted colors. Light or baby pink is the perfect choice for this space. It creates a calming effect and is easy to pair accent colors with. Stay away from bright colors. Light lilac purples and light mint colors work great in this space as well. Pair warm greys and creams with the main paint color.

Mix in different textures. This will help add interest to the space. Babies love feeling and exploring different textures. Make that easy for them by choosing a soft textured upholstery for the rocker or lounge chair. A chair that rocks or glides will help get baby off to sleep faster.

Have new carpet installed, preparing for your new baby to explore as part of her first textures.  Make sure that the carpet and padding will be just right and that is comfortable for baby to lay on for daily tummy time.

Install black out curtains or shades. This will keep the room dark during nap time and at night. Baby will sleep better because of this, and your sleep will benefit too!

Be careful not to overwhelm baby with really bold art or wall decals. Select interesting art for the walls with calming colors. There are some really great 3D wall art that can be purchased in muted colors.

The space should feel balanced and in harmony. This will help calm baby and help her to enjoy being away from mom while she naps or when she goes down for the night. It never hurts to have a sound machine that can play sounds from nature and soft lullabies.

Once the child is older you can add more brightly colored items and bolder artwork that they can appreciate. It is important not to overstimulate the baby. They may become restless if there is too much to look at within the space.

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