Protect Your Furniture From Your Pets

Our beloved pets can be one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives. Unfortunately, they can also be some of the most destructive when it comes to our furniture! We all know that even the best behaved pets can have their moments. Luckily there are a few things you can do to try and prevent our furry friends from cutting the life of your furniture short.


First things first—try and groom your pet regularly. By brushing your pet regularly you will prevent the inevitable build up of their fur on every surface. You can also avoid unpleasant odors by being sure to give your dog a wash every month to keep their coat clean. Generally, our feline friends do not required a bath. When you groom your pets it is also a good idea to keep up with their claws. By maintaining a properly trimmed nail you can avoid some of the damage that might happen down the line. Be sure that you use the proper equipment for your pet and do not cut them too short. If you are unsure, it is best to consult your vet before trying this yourself.


Next, you will want to be sure to provide your pet with the proper outlets for the scratching and chewing. It is in their natures to engage in these activities so the better you prepare for this, the better protected your furniture will be. If you have cats, try to make sure you provide them with scratching posts that they can use to “scratch” their itch. If you have dogs, be sure to provide them with plenty of toys and bones to chew on. By using these items with your pet and showing them they can scratch and chew all they want on these, they will eventually learn where to go to vent their needs.


Finally, if you have any valuables or breakables that you are worried about, be sure to display them out of reach of your pets. This can be trickier with cats who love to climb and are typically fearless when it comes to doing so. Use your discretion, and when appropriate it may be that you have to put that item away so your cat doesn’t have a chance at getting to it.


Following these rules will generally help aid you in your quest to protect your furniture from your beloved pets. Keep in mind accidents happen, but by following these rules you can at least try to mitigate the worst of it.  


Levi’s 4 Floors knows that pets are a large part of our lives.  Above we have given several ideas for protecting a portion of your home so that you and your pets can live together more peacefully.  In addition, check out our Pet Guard Plus installation service package.  Keep your home in the best shape possible! 

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