Quality Wall Art Project for Kids

This is a fun and easy project that you can start up with a child – your own, a nephew or niece, grandchild – any child who loves to have fun with art. The best thing is that the art will be worth showing off and hanging! The project that inspired this idea began with a much larger area. 

An individual wanted to paint their basement floor.   Before painting, he made geographic shapes by laying down masking tape first. Then he painted directly over, let the paint dry and then removed the tape. He allowed children to paint the floor with many different colors. Once the tape was removed, there was a work of art that looked like contained chaos! 

This project inspired the below mini art project, ready to be shared with any child who loves to have fun!

What You Will Need:

A canvas, the size of your choosing

Painters or masking tape

Acrylic paint, or finger paint

Paint Brushes, Rollers


Place painters or masking tape onto the canvas. You can create a certain pattern or design. We prefer to make art that is not so much planned out as evolving as we go. Either select the color palette for your child, or let them help when choosing what colors to paint with. Once the tape is applied, let your child go to town painting the canvas however they like, or you can guide and help them. Once they are finished, removed the tape. If you remove the tape after the paint dries, some of the paint may come off with the tape. Now a work of art has been born. Hang the masterpiece and repeat!


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