Easy to Make Giant Blocks for Kids

Imagine a big birthday party for a young child.  Have you ever seen them playing with the box that contained the toy more than the toy itself?  Did you wonder if the children would be just as happy playing with only the boxes from their toys?  Read below to find ideas on how to make this into a reality.

Toys do not have to be expensive. In fact, many of the least expensive toys are played with the most frequently.  Here, we are going to make a giant set of blocks!

Start out by covering the boxes with brown paper. The brown paper can either be made from old paper grocery bags, or can be purchased by the roll. Wrap the boxes using tape or a mild glue.  Wrapping the boxes like a Christmas present works the best.

After the boxes are covered in brown paper, allow your child to decorate them. They can color the boxes with crayons, color pencils or markers. They can also decorate the boxes with stickers. Let your child use their imagination and see where it takes them!

Once the boxes are done, show your child how to play with them. Stack them up to make a little fortress for your little one. Once they see you playing with the blocks, they will quickly jump in. They will love carrying the boxes around, stacking and knocking them down! They will feel a large sense of accomplishment that they can make something that is truly life-size.

Start collecting all well-sized sturdy boxes to add to your collection. Get creative when selecting which blocks to save and re-purpose. Like most block sets, there are a various sizes and shapes, in an array of colors. You can store the blocks stacked up in the play area, when they are not being used.

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