Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh Longer

Fresh floral arrangements bring a beauty into your home that is hard to replicate any other way.  Their scent is a wonderful addition to your home, although only if they stay fresh.  Find out how to keep your arrangement looking fresh for much longer.

Select a clean vase and fill it up slightly less than halfway with cool water. Add the flower food that typically comes with the flowers you purchase. Cut the stems before adding the flowers to the watered vase. Using scissors, cut the bottom of the stalk diagonally rather than simply cutting the stalk straight across. This provides the flower with more surface area to use when drinking in water. It is important to cut the stem because the ends may have dried out or hardened with time, making it hard for the plant to take in water and nutrients.

Keep the water clean. Leaves or any part of the flower should not be under the water. Make sure to remove any leaves or buds that have fallen into the water. This will cause the water to become polluted and therefore make the arrangement wilt much faster. It helps to change the water completely every day or two. Keeping the water clean is a key element to keeping the arrangement looking fresh for longer.

Place a finished arrangement in an area that stays rather cool. Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight. Also make sure the flowers are not placed right in the path of an air supply vent.

Add a crushed aspirin tablet to the water. This will help keep the flowers from ageing as fast. Add a couple drops of alcohol or white vinegar to keep the water clean. Using one of these two agents keeps mold and bacteria from growing in the water. Keeping the water clean and keeping organic plant matter out is the key to the longevity of an arrangement. Make sure the flowers have plenty of clean water to drink by checking on the arrangement daily!

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