Why Every House Deserves Area Rugs

Area rugs can quite possibly be one of the easiest elements to completely change the style of a room. They can top of any kind of floor, given the right padding is selected to accompany the rug. An area rug is the only floor type that can be stored and move from house to house. They can be cleaned easily and offer a versatility that fits into any home and décor.

Hard surfaces cannot absorb sound well. A rug has the ability to buffer sound and add warmth to any area. A room with a hard surface floor is greatly enhanced with a softer element for added dimension. Rugs also bring with them the benefit of texture to the home. They are available in many styles, an array of sizes, colors and patterns.

Area rugs are available at many different price points.  The lifestyle you lead will help you determine what type of material is best suited to you and your home. This is a perfect starting place starting your search.

Area rugs help a room feel finished, warm, and inviting.  They can also help with rooms that feel too large!  Place an area rug in your large space and center the furnishings towards the center of the rug.  A focal point has been created and the space will feel much more cohesive.  In very large spaces, this can be repeated as many times as you need.  Each area rug will serve as a separate “room”!

Check out our online product catalog to view all the different styles available. Our selection of Karastan area rugs has many options in color, design, size, and shape.  Please feel free to stop by or browse our catalog.  

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